Six Key Jobs in Marketing

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Marketing is a pretty broad term. Very loosely it involves communicating a message about a product or service to the right people, in the right way, at the right time.

The analysis, method and techniques used in marketing to collate the relevant information needed to build a campaign are vast – as are the roles within it. If you’d like a career in the area and are thinking of starting a course, here are some of the main jobs in marketing that you might want to work your way towards…

Digital Marketer

The online world is booming and how to communicate to an audience through the internet has never been a more sought after skill. This extends to a wide range of marketing roles, such as copywriters, paid search specialists, social media managers, content managers and search engine optimisation (SEO) managers. These people manage everything from the content on the web, what it looks like and how to get people there, to the usability and functionality of a website and relationships with external publications on and offline.


It’s a PR’s job to manage information about an individual or organisation and the general public. You would usually have several clients either working for a public relations company or independently. Generally you’d specialise in a specific industry (for example travel, celebrity, cosmetics, clothing etc.) which means you can spend your time building a list of who’s who in your specific area. Your contacts are everything as a PR, so being organized, personable, well connected and cunning in your approaches is an absolute must.

Brand Management

One of the more creative and strategic jobs in marketing, Brand Managers are in charge of when a business or a product becomes an entity in itself. They are responsible for creating, maintaining and developing the brand so the name is associated with positive results. How a brand is positioned in the market is of the upmost importance and includes look, price, packaging, placement as well as the relationship customers have with the brand, how people perceive it and how they engage with it going forwards.

Event Management

Event Management could involve anything from arranging a wedding, a roadshow, an annual general meeting or training days (among other things). You could be part of a team that organises larger events for thousands of people like a music festival, or work alone coordinating a smaller event like a team building weekend. Organisation is key, as well as building an all-encompassing contacts database so you have all aspects of the event covered.

Market Research Analyst

When in the field of marketing research and analysis it’s extremely important to be connected to the end consumer. Knowing where to find your customer, how to speak/reach to them, who to target and what is and isn’t working in the marketing mix is of paramount importance. A researcher is numbers-driven and ensures they get relevant, up-to-date, accurate, specific information and then communicates it to the rest of the company so an overarching marketing strategy can be put in place.

CRM (Customer Relations Manager)

This role has two facets: the first is to achieve the business’s goals through giving the customer everything they need and want; the second is using technology/computerised systems for profiling and organising customer data to build lasting relationships with them by supplying them with suitable products at the right time in the right way. A CRM is closely involved with several departments of a business: sales, marketing, customer service and technical departments.

These six jobs in marketing are the tip of the iceberg, but hopefully it will interest you enough to do some more research into which area you find most interesting.

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