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Congratulations to all Our Students

Oxford Learning College Students

Congratulations to all Our Students Going on to University

2017 has proved to be one of the most successful years for our students studying with us. We have had a record number of students progressing on to their chosen universities with qualifications they have gained from studying with Oxford Learning College.

We are delighted to have students moving on to university with not only A Level qualifications, but with our Accredited Diploma qualifications too. There is a growing acceptance and movement with even more universities allowing students onto their courses with Accredited Diploma qualifications in place of A Levels.

Our students have achieved offers from Manchester Metropolitan University, Salford University, University of the West of England (UWE), Liverpool John Moores University and Warwick University to name but a few.

The feedback we have received from our progressing students has proven heartening with endless praise and appreciation for our Academic Experts, Tutors and Student Services Team. Reinforcing to Oxford Learning College how rewarding offering educational courses online can prove to be.

We look forward to helping and assisting more students over the coming Academic Year with progressing on and achieving their educational goals.


“Dear Ben,

I got a confirmation from Warwick University. I have a spot in my course of preference, Politics & Global Sustainable Development.

This would have not been possible without you. I want to thank you from the depth of my heart for your altruism, your kindness and patience. You are a truly remarkable man and you have shaped my life for the best.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. For everything.

Best regards,

Valeria Reinoso”


Valeria Reinoso 25th August 2017 – Progressing to Warwick University to study Politics & Global Sustainable Development.

Want to get into University?

If you’re keen to get yourself off to university to start studying towards your dream career, you’re going to need to get some qualifications under your belt first. The easiest route to get just the right qualifications, is to contact a few universities you are thinking of attending and asking them for their entry requirements, once you know these, you just need to enrol on the courses and get studying.

As a general rule, to get into university you are going to need at least one A Level or Level 3 Diploma qualification in a subject that closely relates to the Degree course you want to study. Sometimes, with the harder courses such as Medicine, you will need several qualifications like in our Medicine A Level Bundle pack.

About to Start at University?

Going on to university can be an exciting (but also scary time), have a read of the below article from Student Minds that gives you vital hints and tips on how best to adjust to being at university.