Study At Home

If you’ve never had the experience of working or studying at home, you’re yet to understand the true meaning of freedom. Being able to turn on your desktop or laptop when you want to download learning materials and having the chance to pop to your local coffee shop while you revise your notes; it’s an incredibly liberating experience.

However, many people don’t want to thrust themselves into this kind of study because it’s not what everyone does. Our study at home courses at Oxford Learning College aim to do that effortlessly to allow you to learn and develop independently. You’ll be able to study the course at home, on holiday, while you’re travelling or even while you’re searching for a part-time job alongside it.

What kind of courses can I choose to study at home with?

When you choose our service at Oxford Learning College you’ll have the chance to enjoy a whole host of professional courses at a range of levels. Our courses go from iGCSEs, A-Levels and Level 3 Diplomas all the way through to foundation degree courses and accredited diplomas.

Whatever your results and grades following results day, you’ll always be able to find a space and a place where you can let your potential blossom.

Speak to us today about your results and how we can develop your career with our study at home courses.