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Level 3 Child Psychology Diploma – What is Child Psychology?

By Lucy O’Donoghue

Within Child Psychology there are many factors and many avenues to think along. These include areas such as counselling, stress, behaviour modification and history of childhood in general. Through the application of Psychology we can reach out to children and young people. Helping them in the areas they require help with.

The counselling process helps to provide support to individuals. Getting inside their minds and exploring their thoughts to get to the bottom of actions. Through discussions, we can analyse theory of concepts and reasoning of actions.

The most developed study relating to psychology was by Jean Piaget, his theory of cognitive development reviewed areas of behaviour modification in children and young people. His studies were carried out over a period of time, where he concluded evidence of behaviours in boys and girls, similarities of thought and twin studies.

Usually we think about recent events and studies when thinking about psychology. However, if we look back to olden Britain we can review historical and social evidence of behaviour in children and young people. Comparing historical child psychology to today’s methods, shows us a lot about how far our programmes have come. Furthermore, it shows how they support individuals to overcome fears, stress, depression, anxiety and so on.

How to Start Studying Child Psychology

The Level 3 Diploma in Child Psychology touches on many of these areas of study and helps with the further understanding of how to apply the modern day methods of counselling to help children and young people overcome issues they face when growing up.