Submitting Coursework for A-Levels – As a Distance Learner

Submitting coursework for A-Levels - As a Distance Learner

Are you studying an A-Level subject where coursework (Non-Examinable Assessment) is included as part of your final result? Are you finding the whole process confusing and difficult to understand as a distance learner or are you unsure how it works and how to submit your work?

We can help! Oxford Learning College helps and guides all their students on A-Levels with a coursework element to ensure you are clued up and ready to submit your work by your given deadline.

Non-Examinable Assessment (NEA or coursework) is a mandatory element in the following A-Level subjects: (1) English Language & Literature, (2) English Literature, & (3) History.

Students have a couple of options for submitting their coursework when studying with Oxford Learning College; once you are ready to submit your final coursework piece, you can either send this to your personal tutor at the college and they can authenticate and mark your work before sending it to your exam centre of choice, or you can allow the exam centre to mark your work. If choosing the latter, the exam centre will probably still want your own tutor to authenticate your work, as they will need confirmation that the work has all been done by yourself.

So, how does this work?

Our tutors at Oxford Learning College are Academic Experts who are fully qualified to mark and authenticate student’s work, so once you have completed some of the set general assessments within the course materials, they will be there ready and waiting to assist with submitting coursework.

In order to submit coursework, students have to have already submitted at least 2 optional assignments from their learning materials. It does not matter which assignments have been completed – as long as you have submitted at least 2 assignments our/your tutor can mark and authenticate your coursework.

Once you have prepared an initial draft version of your completed coursework you submit this via your student profile on our online campus. Your tutor will then download the coursework and will mark it and grade it for you and provide you with some feedback.

Your coursework is then returned to you online with your feedback and you will prepare your final draft. It’s this final draft that is then posted (by yourself) to the College for us to pass on to your tutor to manually authentic (don’t forget your authentication forms!).

Once authenticated (and/or marked), your coursework is then sent to the exam centre who will hold it and eventually submit it to the examining body with your written exam papers for marking.