The 4 Most Impactful Alternative Medicine Level 3 Diplomas

Bottles of essential oils

Alternative medicine is an increasingly popular form of treatment across the world. Many people who are disappointed with conventional medical treatment experience successful results with alternative medicine.

It’s a popular career choice for people who want to help others with their ailments, and our accredited Level 3 diplomas are a great starting point. Here are a few:  

Accredited Level 3 Aromatherapy Diploma

Our Accredited Level 3 Aromatherapy Diploma begins with an introduction to the basics of aromatherapy. The properties of different herbal oils and essential oils are discussed before students learn about various plants that are used in the oil-making process.  

This accredited Level 3 diploma consists of ten units covering the taxology, chemistry, classification, and usage of essential oils. It also focuses on treatment through essential oils and blending them for different purposes.  

Accredited Level 3 Reflexology Diploma

The Accredited Level 3 Reflexology Diploma at Oxford Learning College educates students on reflexology as a complementary and standalone therapy. They study the anatomical, physiological, muscular, and psychological aspects of reflexology.  

Students also develop a deep understanding of relaxation and reflexology techniques. They take a holistic approach to learning the work of a professional reflexologist. This includes conducting client assessments, creating treatment plans, providing treatment, and the legalities to be kept in mind.  

Accredited Level 3 Herbal Medicine Diploma

Once restricted to certain cultures and regions only, herbal medicine has evolved into its current form by using more scientific techniques. The Accredited Level 3 Herbal Medicine Diploma teaches students about the preparation and functioning of herbal medicines.  

Starting with the history of herbal medicine and plant biology, this Level 3 Diploma covers the pharmacology, toxicity, formulation, and treatment methods used with herbal medicine. Various body systems are also a significant area of focus. The course ends with an introduction to the Materia Medica, a trusted resource for practitioners in the field.  

Accredited Level 3 Homoeopathy Diploma

Homoeopathy is based on the premise that the body can heal itself. It is one of the most widely used forms of alternative medicines around the world.  

The course content of our Accredited Level 3 Homoeopathy Diploma is spread over ten units. Students start by learning about homoeopathy’s historical origins and its evolution through the ages. They progress to studying the different body systems from a homoeopathic perspective. The course then focuses on the Materia Medica and repertory, before ending with the study of prescribing guidelines, taking case histories, and assessing patients’ symptoms.  

A reflexology massage in progress

At Oxford Learning College, we have a wide range of alternative medicine diploma courses to choose from. Whether you’re looking for accredited reflexology courses online or need comprehensive alternative healing courses, have a look at our course catalogue and get in touch with us to enrol today.