The most Productive way to Spend your Summer

spend your summer

Summer is here, you’ve done the hard part, got through the academic year, sat your examinations and survived!

So, what do you have planned? Maybe a holiday, spending time with friends and family, nothing at all? All sounds great, but you could be missing out on an opportunity to boost your CV and make yourself more attractive to potential employers or universities.

Just because the academic year is done, doesn’t mean your learning has to stop. You can enrol yourself on a Diploma course at various levels and complete them through the summer. A professional Level 3 Diploma which comes with CPD hours at the top of your CV under ‘Personal Achievements’ is sure to grab the eye of the person reading it.

You can also study and gain Diploma qualifications to show your passion and enjoyment for learning, when you apply to university or for a job, people like to see self-motivation and drive, they like to see you wanting to continually develop yourself and your skills. The great thing about studying for the fun and love of it, you can pick subjects and topics that interest you and motivate you. Rather than having to study Physics because the Degree needs that, you can study Herbal Remedies or Egyptology and you will still get the qualification and CPD points!

So, what’s stopping you from enrolling today? Call our Student Services Team on 01865 595 263 or visit our courses here.