The Role of Distance Learning in Higher Education Today

Higher education is a hot topic today, and many students face a dilemma if they are considering going to university. Rising tuition fees at universities and fierce competition for places may make you believe that higher education may be out of the reach of many people. However there is also a highly competitive job market, and many employers nowadays expect their staff to have higher level qualifications. There are many reasons why distance learning may offer the solution to the problem.

Distance learning and Online courses

The use of the internet in recent years means that high quality online tutoring at higher education level is now available to all. As well as obtaining a higher education qualification in the subject of your choice, you will also develop valuable ICT skills, which will be held in high regard by employers. Studying online also offers the flexibility of being able to study from any location with internet access. Online courses with Oxford College can include A Levels, Level 3 Diplomas and BTEC HNDs.

Increased employability

With increased numbers of people holding higher level qualifications these days, it is vital to develop additional skills and qualities that will help you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs. Most employers have a high level of respect for those who have completed a distance learning course as they have demonstrated their commitment to furthering their study and have also developed useful skills for employment such as time management, organisational skills and the ability to work independently.

A cost-effective option

Many people now cannot afford to go to university, or they are worried about running up large debts that will stay with them for many years after they have finished their course. The planned increase in tuition fees is likely to make this problem worse in the future. By opting for home learning, you can acquire a higher education level qualification while still being able to work at the same time, making this a very cost-effective solution. The courses offered by Oxford Learning offer very good value for money when compared with the tuition fees at many higher education establishments.

Lifelong learning

In the past many people had the same career for life, but increasingly nowadays we may face several changes of direction in a lifetime, and it is necessary to constantly improve our knowledge and skills. The wide range of higher education subjects offered by Oxford College enable you to prepare for a planned career change in the future, or you can engage in a new area of study for your own interest. Online courses can be studied at home, around existing work and family commitments.

A higher education qualification is perhaps not so out of reach after all.