The Top 5 Level 3 Diplomas in Business

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Running a business calls for a variety of professional skills. Business environments can be highly diverse and range from small setups to large multinationals. It’s for this reason that business professionals are always in demand.   At Oxford Learning College, our accredited level 3 diplomas offer you the chance to study a variety of business-related subjects. Here are a few:  

Accredited Level 3 Accounting Diploma

The Accredited Level 3 Accounting Diploma allows students to gain the knowledge they need to work as an accountant. This Level 3 diploma provides a solid foundation in accountancy, ensuring that students become proficient at conducting accounting activities in different settings.   Starting with the basic concepts of accounting, this self-contained course takes students through the principles, theories, and rules related to the proper recording of financial transactions. It lays the groundwork for a Level 4 course.  

Accredited Level 3 Business Administration Diploma

Our Accredited Level 3 Business Administration Diploma is suitable for students with some prior experience in—or knowledge of—business administration. With an overarching view of business theories and practices as they apply to different areas, this Level 3 diploma prepares students for more advanced education.   Some of the topics it covers include business administration, human resource management, leadership, management accounting, project management, and strategic planning.  

Accredited Level 3 Advertising Diploma

The Accredited Level 3 Advertising Diploma offers students an introduction to the different aspects of advertising. It also covers the different factors that contribute to successful advertising. It’s suited for aspiring advertising professionals, as well as those already working in an associated field.   Continuous assessments are used to gauge how well students understand the material. The ten units of this course focus on copywriting, graphic design, television commercials, public relations, media presentations, and law.  

Accredited Level 3 Human Resources Diploma

The Accredited Level 3 Human Resources Diploma is awarded by CIE Global and is ideal for students who wish to work in human resources or would like to learn more about managing personnel.   The course begins by introducing students to human resource management in its traditional and modern contexts, before highlighting employment contracts and the relevant European law that affects them.  The Level 3 diploma then goes on to examine topics such as discrimination, unionisation, motivation, and the significant human resource processes.  

Accredited Level 3 Psychometrics Diploma

Our Accredited Level 3 Psychometrics Diploma is targeted towards managers who may not come from a human resources background, but are tasked with employee selection, recruitment, and development.   The course discusses personality testing and trait-based tests. It teaches students how to effectively administer and interpret them. The correct interpretation of personality tests is essential to selecting the right person for a job, and this diploma aims to make the process easier.  
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