Things All Students Will Be Doing While Not Studying Over Christmas

christmas mug

Christmas can be a difficult time for students. Everyone else has dropped what they were doing for a few days of laziness and general indulgence.

But why should they get to slack off while you’re hitting the books? If you’re being totally honest, there’s probably more than a bit of the below going on when you’re supposed to be studying…

Preparing Properly

The key to all studying is preparation. So you need to make sure that all your stationery is properly ordered and neatly laid out before you can get started. Once you’ve done that, make an itemised task list. Then possibly another list. Arrange your books on the shelf carefully. And anything else you can think of, really.


Once you’ve got your notebook neatly set up on your desk, you can get down to a proper spot of doodling. Doodling is an essential down-time activity at the best of times. When you’re supposed to be studying at Christmas, though, it’s a prerequisite for not getting anything done.

Making (Another) Cup of Coffee

Attempt nothing without coffee. Regular coffee breaks allow your eyes to get some rest from all that reading and to stretch your legs, coming back to your desk feeling thoroughly refreshed. They also allow you to put off hitting the books for another 15 minutes or so.

Cleaning Your Room

There’s a first time for everything. And that time is very definitely during the Christmas holidays when you should be studying.

Having a (Long) Lie-in

Rest is a key part of any well thought-out study schedule, and a long lie-in during the holidays gives those brain cells a chance to recover a bit. Repeat the dose with a mid to late afternoon nap just to be sure that you’re properly rested up.

Catching up on the Latest Cat Memes

What did procrastinators do before the internet cat meme? Seriously, more study time has been lost to watching these cute critters do their thing on YouTube than anything else.

Watching a Christmas Movie

(Because Elf’s only on once a year, right?)

Nipping Down the Pub

After the end of a hard day’s trying to avoid studying, there’s only one place to go – down the pub with your mates. Just for a quick half or two. It’s Christmas, after all.

All set on getting some proper study done over the festive period? Then check out our guide to effective revision tips.

One way or the other, though, enjoy the rest of your Christmas. And all the best into 2015 from everyone here at Oxford Learning College.