Things your tutor would love to teach you, but can’t!

In this blog, we’re going to go over some of the things your tutor would love to teach you, but can’t! This blog is really only to be read if you have some free time, need a break, want to get ideas or have a bit of fun watching science at its most maddest!

Things your tutor wants to teach you, but can't!

YouTube really is a fantastic resource for seeing demonstrations and prepare you for Chemistry Practical exams. If you are still struggling to use YouTube and Search engines, please do not worry but please do have a go using the internet.There are also many students who are keen to show calculations, explain topics and there is not one Chemistry topic you cannot find information on!

The exam board lists all the main topics like titrations so just search for this. The main topics to search are:

  1. Titrations – carry out a simple acid-base titration
  2. Redox
  3. Enthapy
  4. Energetics
  5. Atomic structure
  6. Alkanes, alkenes, alcohols, haloalkanes arenes
  7. carry out some simple inorganic tests such as test for anions
  8. Periodicity, Periodic tables, different groups
  9. Bonding
  10. Equilibria
  11. Analytic techniques,
  12. Make up a volumetric solution
  13. Investigate the rates of reaction using sodium thiosulphate with different acid at different temperatures
  14. Determine the Mr of a volatile liquid or a gas
  15. Determine Enthalpy change using Hess’s law

If you have some spare time or just need a break do use the internet to learn around the topics and have some fun!

Do not do this at home!

To continue with the theme of creative studying, I have just discovered a series called Brainiac Science Abuse. If you have time then again use YouTube and start on – Brainiac Science Abuse S5 E2:

You can then link to more useful but daft videos of crazy things to do with science! Such as this!

Now look at many links as you have time for! So look at e.g. Brainiac – Cooking an Egg With 200 mobile phones. So can you cook an egg using mobile phones? Surely you need to know…..????!!

Now just to finish off, have a look at future possibilities!

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