Six Things You’re Looking Forward to this Summer (When Your A Level Results Are in)


It’s August and A Level Results day is upon us – the day of reckoning. Regardless of how it goes for you, you’ll want the rest of the summer to be truly epic – and you’re in the driving seat. So what to do before the new academic year begins? Well alllll the things you haven’t been able to do because of A Level revision, coursework and exams of course. Let’s get (a little) organised now and make the most of the time…

Hanging Out with Friends

Now you have some time on your hands make sure you spend with with friends, new and old. Get socialising, throw parties, go to parties and invite friends to just hang out – whether it’s on the beach, going shopping or just listening to a bit of music. Get a good group of people together and who knows where the day will lead. Your post-A Levels summer is NOT the time to become a hermit.

First Festivals

There are so many different types of festivals to go to. Sure, the biggy is Glastonbury but it’s well past, and tickets have to be bought months in advance, anyway. Don’t fret, though: there are loads of smaller (and some might say better) festivals to enjoy. Look into V Festival, Reading and Leeds Festivals, Creamfields, Farmfields, Secret Garden Festival and The Green Gathering among many others. Check out a full list of summer festivals here:


When was the last time you visited your local tourism office? What is there to do in your surrounding area or a little further afield? You’ll be amazed at the choice of days out in the UK – some you’ll have heard of, others perhaps not. Also, local authorities and arts organisations often have a whole calendar of events lined up for the summer months that should keep you entertained. Whether you decide to be a tourist in your local area or sign up to a summer camp/volunteer program further afield, get out there and find somewhere new to you.


For a lot of people their late teens are the first time they get to go on holiday on their own. It’s a learning curve, and being responsible for everything can lead to a bit of chaos. But with the (hopefully minor) mishaps also comes a lot of fun. If it’s too late now then start working out a plan for next year: Who do you want to go with? Where do you want to go? And how are you going to raise the funds?

Time to Do More of What You Love

Whether it’s cycling, swimming, playing footie, riding or cricket, the after A Levels summer means you can do as much of it as you want. Doing what you love is ultimately what we all aim for in life, right? So make the most of these summer holidays to do just that.

Just Chillin’

Let’s face it, the first thing that gets axed when you’re revising is gaming – so time on the Xbox or Playstation without feeling guilty can be pretty awesome. Another thing that doesn’t get done is having movie nights, a whole summer of catching up on all the new releases over the past year – bliss. And the final thing to look forward to is sleeping in, no school, no alarm, no parents telling you to hurry up, it’s lie-in central until September.

If you get a bit of all of the above in then you should look back at the summer in September with fond memories. Then remember it in coming years, try to build on it and smash it year on year. Life’s about making and collecting memories.

Pssst. If you’re a bit worried about A Levels Results day, we’ve got some advice for what your options are here.