Top 10 Most In-demand Jobs for the Future

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Well, it’s YOUR future. Everyone wants that top job, to be Top Cat. But what determines a top job? Something you have always dreamed of doing? Or the most lucrative career to fund that dream lifestyle? What’s the deal-breaker? Will it be the one that pays the most, or the one that gives you the highest job satisfaction? Will careful consideration of what the future holds careers-wise determine the choice of courses and degree you take?

Questions, questions. There’s a lot to consider. Let’s see whether these top 10 most in-demand jobs for the future will help you to make up your mind!


Becoming a dentist is one of the best science-related career choices out there. Why? Fashionable passion for the never-ending selfie and the race for fame has resulted in a quest for the Hollywood smile. Perfect pearly whites are as necessary as a front seat at London Fashion Week. Seriously though, a degree followed by some intensive training may well pay off. Balance patient care with turning a profit and you might expect to earn an average of £55.493 pa, rising to £100,651. More than enough to put a smile on anyone’s face, in other words.

Software Developer

The web continues to grow. Grow with it. A career choice as a software developer means two choices: either choose to work on the systems side, building operating systems; or on the creative applications side, designing the software. Whichever team you want to be on, you’ll know that unemployment averages are low, and expected future job openings high. Planning to work in the US? Then expect an average salary of $94,000.

Airline Pilot

Aim high. Why not? Take to the skies and see a little of the world with a career as an airline pilot. Although experience strongly influences any possible earnings for this career choice, the average salary for an airline pilot or co-pilot stands at £57,589 in the UK, rising to £120,367. Plenty for a few far-flung holidays in free time…

Air Traffic Controller

Prefer to keep two feet on the ground? Then consider a career as an air traffic controller. The salary may differ wildly depending on location, so look abroad as well as at home for options available. A top position based on experience in the UK can expect to realise a salary of £98,686, but overseas it may be much more. In 2010, the Spanish equivalent was €800,000 pa (later capped).

Information Security Analyst

Well, one look at the news and there’ll be another story breaking of a hacker and a nervous government – it seems to be commonplace. So, consider a top job as an Information Security Analyst. Plan and monitor the security of computer networks, and be completely assured this is a job-for-life, with expected industry growth of 36.5 percent by 2022. They’re hiring!

Marketing Manager

Looking for one of the best jobs in business? Does your talent lie in making the consumer believe in a product? Take a job as a marketing manager in the US and you can advertise your success. Top tier can expect an average salary of $180,000. Put that on the billboard!


If you’re organized, skilled in numeracy and like a little detail in life, then perhaps a career in accountancy is the one for you. How much can you expect to earn? As a graduate, expect a starting salary of around £25,000. A chartered accountant’s salary might rise to £85,000 – or more – after experience and time. With audits, there’s always the chance to travel around in the average day – and we all continue to need accountants! Expected future job openings to remain high with unemployment figures low.

IT Manager

When the chips are down (!) and the system isn’t behaving, who you gonna call? Yup – the IT Manager. That’s the fixer, the Superman – or woman – of the office network, the one that keeps the technological wheels rolling. If you think you might like a role in this area, it’s worth remembering that an IT Manager in the States can pull in $123,950 a year – not a bad choice, and unemployment is naturally low.

Civil Engineer

This must be a career choice with huge satisfaction. Imagine: to point out a large-scale completed project and say, “I did that”. A Civil Engineer might be responsible for damming a reservoir, building a bridge, or the next London landmark. Travel with it. Take your skills to the US and command an average salary of $80,770 pa. If you build it, will they come?

Something (Very Much) for the Future

All these choices a little too conservative for you? Well, there are new job choices emerging all the time. Fancy being an avatar manager? What about a time broker? Or a vertical farmer? This list in The Telegraph may just help decide your future. Or maybe that accountancy option was a safer bet.

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