Life-Changing Courses to Develop & Improve Yourself


With another year just beginning it’s inevitable that we become a bit reflective. Did we achieve what we wanted last year? Was it a vintage year overall? What do we want from life? And so on. These questions tend to surface at this time of year and if the overall feeling is of dissatisfaction then the early stages of the New Year are a perfect time to invest a little in ourselves and put a plan in place so we don’t feel this way again next year.

Broadening our knowledge is one way to self-development; it can lead to career change, educational enlightenment and even improved self-esteem. Here are a few great Diplomas and BTECs that might inspire us to embrace a new hobby or help us improve ourselves.

Courses for the soul…

There are endless complementary therapy courses; the trick is to choose one that suits your requirements and skills. One popular course is the Quality Assured Level 3 Diploma in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This is a psychological technique that involves tapping on pressure points coupled with vocal statements from the client about how they are emotionally feeling to aid phobias and addictions. It’s been proven to be highly effective and is perfect for a socially minded individual who likes to help people.

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For a complete career change or broadening your skill set a diploma in reflexology is a great option. This very established non-intrusive complimentary therapy is used all over the world to heal a very wide range of disorders. Reflexology uses pressure points on the feet, legs, hands, face and head that related to organs and other parts of the body. This therapy helps alleviate stress, asthma, cardiovascular issues, PMS, headaches, anxiety and even is said to help with fertility. Our Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology prepares the students to be able to practise the techniques once successfully completing the course.

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Courses for the body…

If you are a real fitness fanatic and feel as though you can help others to reach their ideal weight or fitness level then a diploma in personal training and sports coaching could be ideal. There are ten modules to complete as well as an online exam to obtain this quality assured Level 3 Diploma. If you feel as though 2016 is the year you’d like to make a difference to other people’s lives through exercise then the modules such as training specific groups, fluid management, nutrition and anatomy and physiology studied in this course will stand you in good stead. It is also ideal to have this qualification as a base knowledge to go on to doing specific courses like Zumba and Boxercise.

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Another option for students that have completed a personal training and sports diploma or others that are currently working in a sports and fitness role is a diploma in nutritional therapy. This course compliments Trainers knowledge as it covers how to recognise ailments that are related to the food or drink being ingested or how to aid overall health and wellbeing through specific balanced diets to suit people at every life stage or fitness level. Certain aliments can be caused by our diet and particular foods can alleviate stresses or strains on the body. If physical wellbeing is part of your life philosophy then a diploma in nutritional therapy could be your ideal course to help others.

Find out more about our Level 3 Diploma in Nutritional Therapy.

Courses for the mind…

Education is never wasted, and developing yourself through study can be immensely rewarding, generally. However, learning specific skillsets obviously tend to be the trick to getting the best jobs. Ever fancied becoming a bookkeeper? Well Sage is the most used financial bookkeeping program in the UK. Getting proficient in Sage accounting can lead to a job in an accounts department of any business. It’s a great way to start a new career in finance and accounting; after you finish all the training there’s a Sage exam to complete and pass.

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Human Resources is the management of people within a business or organisation. This includes training, succession planning, recruitment, employee relations, internal communication and disciplinary procedures. An overarching understanding of company structures, finances and law will also be covered in a BTEC HND in Business with a focus on Human Resources. This is a perfect course for someone who has their sights set on post graduate degree level education.

Find out more about our BTEC HND in Business with HR.

Courses for independence…

Will next year be the year that you follow your dream and become self-employed? Have you always had a business idea but never had time to put it into action? If the answer is yes to these questions then a Diploma in Business Start-up for Today’s Entrepreneur could be just the course to get you started. The course covers everything from idea to reality, market research and business plans; it’s a great grounding in what you need to know to get started with your new business.

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Sometimes becoming your own boss is a natural progression from employed work however in other circumstances the desire to become financially independent means a new direction. Our course in Web Design is for people with some knowledge of IT and who feel comfortable with technology. It covers all the core competencies of what is need to create a functioning website, HTML, plug-ins, client and server-side technologies, web databases, popular production tools and design and technologies tech. Web designing is a great for people with creative but logical mindsets and is a way to work flexibly as well as remotely.

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When retraining to give yourself some independence, flexibility as well as self-development could be a real focus if you’re at a life stage where work and personal life have to merge. You might have just had a child and what to change career to one that works with your family-life. Most mothers need or choose to work so there is a high demand for childcare. Our diploma in child development covers theoretical approaches to the study of children, emotional, social, adolescent development in children and how day care should be executed.

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These are just a few of the useful, specific and inspiring diploma courses we have available. Start 2016 with a new course and see where it leads

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