Top Revision Tips

revision tips

At this time of year, thousands of students across the country start to panic about their upcoming exams. Whether you are studying GCSEs, A Levels, or at University there are common revision tips that all students can use at this stressful time to make sure they are as ready as they can be.

Here are Oxford Learning College’s top revision tips:

Quiet Space

You need a place where you can be uninterrupted for a few hours. Your room, or a library will do. Your local coffee shop is a popular option however this can lead to distraction.

Make Summary Notes

The best way to memorise information is by making notes over and over. This may be dreary but it often helps to brighten them up by using different colours for different topics as this will help your brain to remember the facts.

Make a Revision Timetable

It has been shown by research that 20-30 minute revision sessions work best to maintain your concentration. We recommend you take short frequent breaks and mix up the order of the subjects. So 30 minutes on Subject A, then a 5 minute break, followed by 30 minutes on subject B followed by a 5 minute break and so on.


Activity is very important. Physical activity increases the heart rate which makes the blood flow faster. This will bring more blood to your brain and reduce tiredness.

Add Variety

Write the facts you need to learn on cards and stick them up around the course. Make an audio record of your notes and listen to them when travelling or exercising. Draw colourful mind-maps. Variety helps to seal the information in.

Use family and friends

Your family want to help, they don’t always know how! Break the monotony of revision by getting them to test you on key points using your notes.

Reward yourself

It is not all about the work; you need good breaks too. People who manage to find the right balance between study and leisure are the ones who get the top marks. Go to a cinema with friends after a productive day of revision or treat yourself to something sweet. Work hard and play hard!

Good Luck to you all!

Put in the effort at this important time and you will get the grades you deserve!