Understanding the Differences Between Fast Track and Standard A Levels

A student doing fast track a-levels

In the UK, once students are done with their GCSEs, they may opt to go onto study A-levels. A-Levels are normally studied before students attend university. More than a quarter-million people in the UK appear for A-levels each year.

When it comes to A-levels, students have two choices. They can either opt for the standard two-year A-level courses or they can choose to fast-track their A-levels. Both options are widely recommended, depending on what the student wants. But first, let us understand how both the options differ.

Standard A-Levels

A level is a two-year course as it comprises of two parts. AS is the first year and A2 is the second year. A-level is a standard subject-based qualification certificate awarded by various examination boards such as AQA OCR and Edexcel.

Students have to take exams in the examination period of May /June each year .The  AS and A2 examinations are usually done completed in the same examination period.

More than 55 subjects are offered for A-levels in the UK. Some subjects are the advanced courses that you might’ve studied for GCSE. Universities highly value A-levels, and it opens up a lot of further study doors and career opportunities.

A student doing fast track a-levels

Fast Track A-Levels

When students choose the option of a Fast Track A-level, it allows them to complete the course faster and at a quicker rate. This enables them to complete a typical A-level course in just one year. Many students choose this as it is more convenient.

Fast track is perfect for those who want to complete multiple courses. Typically it takes 12 months for a student to work through a fast track A-level course.

Fast track learning A-level courses are suitable for those who want to progress to university or a job much quicker than others. If a student wants a nationally recognised qualification, they can opt for a Fast Track A Level course.

Many of those who have previously completed A-levels but didn’t get their required grades for university opt for fast track A-level courses as well, as it’s suitable for adults or students working on jobs or brushing up other skills, and continuing with their studies simultaneously.

Oxford Learning College is an online study college for students all over the world. We offer distance learning online A-Level courses in two modes. Students can either choose to take the standard A-Level courses and get their certificate in two years or opt for fast track A Levels online, which allows them to complete two years worth of courses in just one.

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