Understanding Your Options After Completing a Level 3 Diploma

A student taking online level 3 diploma classes.

September is right around the corner. This means that thousands of students around the country are all set to embark on their university adventures. Maybe a year or two from now, you’ll find yourself in the same boat.

However, now is the time that you start discussing and considering your options. While A-levels is considered the conventional route, you’d be surprised to know that a Level 3 diploma can also help you get into your dream college.

Let’s look into your options:

What is a Level 3 Qualification?

A level 3 qualification is equivalent to A-levels. One of the biggest benefits of a Level 3 diploma is that it can get you into a university. In fact, every year as many as 100,000 successful Level 3 diploma students apply to a wide range of universities in the UK. However, having a level 5 diploma can further help you progress straight into the final year for most of the courses. This means that if you’ve passed the Level 4 or 5 diploma, you can make it to year 2 or 3 of college.

A student taking online level 3 diploma classes

What are the Benefits?

Realistically speaking, students with Level 3 diplomas do far better at college compared to those who have finished their A-levels. A Level 3 diploma not only helps you with better time management skills but also a great deal of portfolio-based expertise. A Level 3 diploma also makes it easier for you to progress into any university course that is equivalent to a Level 4 or 5 diploma. While a lot of universities grant admission on the basis of UCAS points and A-levels, most of them also consider the Level 3 diploma.

Which Universities Accept Level 3 Diplomas?

Some universities accept the level 3 diplomas as well as other qualifications that you may have and therefore students are advised to contact the prospective universities directly regarding course entry requirements need for the courses that they wish to study. However, good grades are important and so is choosing a diploma qualification that matches your degree course.

What are your Options?

Other than applying for a degree at the colleges mentioned above, there is a lot more you can do with a Level 3 diploma. If you’re still in the process of figuring out what you really want to do, you can always take a gap year and reconsider your options. During this time, you may consider a volunteering or apprenticeship opportunity to gain some meaningful experience. If you can land a good job opportunity, that’s also great!

The good news is that you can go over your Level 3 diploma preparation online and straight from the comfort of your home. Oxford Learning College offers online classes for accredited Level 3 diplomas in the UK. Here are the course details.