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It’s not too Late to go to University this September!

University places

Did you know it’s not too late for you to apply to go to university this year?

You may have thought you missed your chance of getting a university place when the deadline of January 15th 2018 sailed past, but this might not be the case.

There are still lots of universities with places available for this September. So even though you thought you had missed your chance to progress on to university this year, or you didn’t get any offers for a place, it’s not too late just yet!

How to find places still available

The easiest and most direct method is to contact universities directly and ask. If they have places still available, they will tell you and explain what you need to do next.

For example, the University of Plymouth still has places available on a wide range of courses, to apply for a place with them, you need to act fast and get your applications in. For more information on this, follow the link below:

If you’re not sure of which university or which course you want to go on and study, your next best option is to use UCAS Track to see which courses at which universities still have places that you can apply for. To use UCAS Track, you will need to sign up to their website through the following link:

What if I still don’t find a place?

Even if you still don’t get an offer for a place through the two methods mentioned, there is still always clearing to remember.

Clearing is a way for universities to fill the last few places they have on various courses. It’s worth noting, you may not be able to find a place on the exact course you wanted through this method, but it’s a great way to find an alternate course to gain a degree.

For more information on Clearing and how to get your applications in, visit the below link:

If you’re lost and need some help or advice, feel free to get in touch with the Oxford Learning College’s Student Services team for a chat to discuss your options.