What can you do with a Level 3 Diploma?

Level 3 Diploma

OK, so it’s safe to say that if you haven’t recently studied or left school, the chances are you won’t have a clear idea of exactly what a Level 3 Diploma is. Simply put, it’s a qualification that is of equivalent level to that of an A-Level. Unlike A-Levels, Level 3 Diplomas are studied in a more modular way and tend to be entirely coursework based, this means they aren’t tied to an examination period and students who study them can finish them in a time frame that suits them.

So now you know exactly what a Level 3 Diploma is, what can you do with one when you have achieved one? The answer is loads! Due to the wide range of Level 3 Diplomas, the world really is your oyster, you can study anything from Anatomy through to Zoology and use the entry level qualification to help you gain entry onto a degree course or start a new career.

Let’s look at the type of careers that welcome people with a Level 3 Diploma. The first one that springs to mind is the Police, they will accept new officers onto the force provided they hold a Level 3 qualification. If the police force isn’t for you, you can use your qualification to enter into the world of being a Career Adviser, or the Healthcare sector as a Support Worker, join the paramedics service and train to be a Paramedic, the options and possibilities really are endless.

Now you’re inspired and ready to enrol on a course, what’s stopping you? Browse our Level 3 Diplomas here or contact the Student Services Team for help on +44 1865 595263