What is a Level 3 Diploma Equivalent To?

Our online Level 3 diploma courses offer high-quality education and a great deal of flexibility. We offer Level 3 diplomas in a variety of subjects so you can choose what you want to study and do it conveniently.


Here’s a closer look at the Level 3 diploma and what it’s equivalent to:


Understanding the Level 3 Diploma:

A Level 3 diploma serves as an introductory course in a given subject. They make it easier for students to pursue more advanced studies in the same area. These diploma courses have a duration of one year and are open for enrolment at any time.


Our accredited Level 3 qualification courses have no formal exit examinations. You’re free to fit the studies around your schedule, and only need to submit two pieces of coursework to demonstrate your understanding of the course material.


All our Level 3 diploma courses are accredited by CIE Global. Throughout the programme, you’ll have the support of our learned and highly qualified tutors.


After completing the Level 3 diploma, you can progress to a Level 4 diploma programme.


Equivalence of a Level 3 Diploma

An accredited Level 3 diploma at Oxford Learning College is equivalent to A-Levels. Completing a diploma programme with us will give you 120 academic credits, which form an important part of your college or university application.


Many universities across the United Kingdom and the world grant admission to students who have completed a Level 3 diploma. But it’s prudent to contact your preferred university or college ahead of time and confirm whether they have any additional requirements.


How Many Types of Level 3 Diplomas are There?

Students at Oxford Learning College may enrol in either of the two types of diplomas that we offer. These are:


  • Accredited Level 3 diplomas
  • Professional Level 3 diplomas


These diplomas are intended for different categories of students. Accredited diplomas are designed for students who wish to engage in further studies at a university or college. Professional diplomas are suitable for working students who are considering a career change, or want a stronger CV for better career growth.


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