What is eLearning?

What is eLearning?

We all have a personal interpretation of what eLearning means. One ‘official’ definition is:

E-learning comprises all forms of electronically supported learning and teaching. The Information and communication systems, whether networked or not, serve as specific media to implement the learning process

For those of you studying by distance learning through Oxford College the e-Learning experience will matter much more than the eLearning definition.

Personal eLearning journey

Electronic communications have revolutionised the way we can learn. No longer do we have to attend face to face classes or study at a particular time of day or evening, although there are some courses that still require blended mediums or integrated approaches. Therefore we could say that students have enjoyed liberation from traditional learning and educational delivery, and this helps us to fit learning in with busy lives and other commitments.  For each of you opting to study with Oxford College through this innovative medium, you will already be motivated and ready to engage in the study process

Skills for eLearning

These days there are few of us who are not computer literate, and can achieve the basic necessities of internet browsing, file sharing and emailing. These are the only basic ‘e’ skills that you need to enjoy a positive learning journey through online study.

What it means for your study

Entering a virtual college world can be daunting at first but once you explore the college campus it will become clear that the important elements of a traditional college setting are there to view, interact with and enjoy.

These elements are importantly, your course materials and resources files, forums and college contacts (e-mail, live chat or call back), access to your tutor (via email and through forums), and interaction with other students through forums, should you wish to do so. The college campus has lots of other pages to explore outside of your course related forums and will help to provide you with a complete and inclusive learning experience, just as a traditional style college would.

How can the courses be properly supported online?

All Oxford College courses – whether it’s A Level Biology, a diploma in Accounting, an iGCSE in ICT or a Level 5 Diploma in Counselling – are specifically written for the eLearning experience and mediums. Therefore, unlike the traditional way of learning, through eLearning you will have all the course materials at the click of a mouse, rather than waiting until the teacher or lecturer provides you with the next instalment!

Materials for eLearning have to be very comprehensive and cover all the assessed topics in full. You will also be supplementing your study by independent research and reading just as you would in a traditional college, the exception being that you work at your own pace, manage your study and as long as you keep any key examination dates in mind the process is normally user friendly and time efficient.

Most colleges and universities are now moving to eLearning platforms as either integration or offered as alternatives for students who cannot attend campus. As an eLearning student with Oxford College you will be enjoying high quality education through an accessible and user friendly medium and working towards your personal goals now, rather than waiting until the traditional September term starts!