What Job Should I Do?

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Are you stuck at a crossroads and don’t know what job you should do? Or are you sick and tired of your current job and would like a change of career before it’s too late?

Considering your career options can sometimes feel like banging your head against a brick wall, especially since there is usually so much at stake. But the trick to finding the right job or career is identifying the strengths of your personality and utilising them to your personal benefit. For example, are you a creative individual? Are you neat and tidy? Do you enjoy physical activities or making a difference to the lives of others? Any one of these personality traits could be the core of your eventual career path.

In this post, we’re going to set apart some common personality traits and look at some job ideas that those qualities could potentially match with.

Jobs for People With a Creative Mind

Do you enjoy making things and then showing them off? Do you have a hobby that involves creating something purely for the gratification it gives you? If so, then there’s good news: the list of creative careers is endless, given that things are created and careers subsequently reaped from them on a daily basis. While the creative industry might be intensely competitive, the job opportunities within it are rife.

Advertising and Marketing are extremely popular career choices for those with a creative or strategic mind, since both sub-industries require the ability to think outside the box and in the interest of long-term return on investment.

Someone more artistic might be interested in pursuing a career in Interior Design, either for themselves, small companies or major brands. Everyone wants their home or company office to look good and creative input from those who specialise in the trade is of course highly valued.

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Jobs for People Who Value the Wellbeing of Others

For some people, life is all about helping make a difference to the lives of those in need, be it in a hospital, a retirement home, a homeless shelter or an animal sanctuary. The truth is we are surrounded by people who need help on a daily basis, and there aren’t enough nurses, social workers, carers and generally compassionate people around to meet the constant demand.

Perhaps you’ve personally experienced what it’s like to live in an unstable environment or with somebody who suffers from a physical or mental illness, and as a result are able to really understand the value in careers like Social Work and Child Counselling. Your selfless and determined input can lead to major, significant changes in people’s lives, and sense of reward you’ll feel for having played a key role will be incomparable.

But it’s not just people who need help, of course. If you’re an animal lover then maybe a job within the veterinary industry would suit you.

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Jobs for People Who Like to Keep Active

The humdrum office job is largely undesirable yet, for many, often unavoidable. However, if you’re somebody who would never compromise their personal health and wellbeing for the sake of a job then there are plenty of alternatives that involve almost no squeaky office chairs and spreadsheet databases, which would align with your principles.

For example, you might be interested in becoming a Diet & Nutrition Expert, and subsequently becoming involved in product development or opening your own business. Alternatively you may want to focus on Health & Fitness or Sports Coaching, which will of course ensure you are nearly always kept active.

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Jobs for People Who Work Well with Others

While working from home or in the peace and quiet of a personal office may have its advantages, sociable, talkative and sympathetic individuals would almost certainly struggle with the isolation. Career ideas like Social Work, Life Coaching or Personal Counselling would be a better fit for such people, allowing them the opportunity to put their best skills to effective use.

Those who are more team-spirited might want to consider a career in Travel & Tourism or Project Management, where exemplary teamwork is a vital key to success. Managing people in high-pressure situations is never easy, but if you are calm, patient and understanding, as well as friendly and approachable, you could excel in a management role where you are required to work with others at all times.

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Jobs for People Who Are a Stickler for Detail

Some people cannot help the habit of cutting corners to get ahead. Others are the opposite; everything must be done painstakingly and as it should be, leaving no room for error. Although this approach might take a lot longer, it often leads to just rewards.

Organised, meticulous and disciplined people excel in risk management, important clerical roles and – with a little added entrepreneurial flair – craftsmanship. They see the imperfections that others don’t see, and can be the difference between success and failure in businesses campaigns and product launches.

Any business, whether small, medium-sized or large, requires workers with an eye for detail and the ability to work shrewdly and fastidiously.

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Jobs for Would-be Beauticians and Make-up Artists

If you have a knack for styling and make-up and would like to see beaming smiles as a direct result of your work, then the Beauty & Make-up industry might well be for you. Careers within the profession can be wildly exciting; working on the style and make-up team for TV and film crews, for example.

However, most careers within the industry are likely to begin in salons or department stores where it’s all about selling products and making people feel good about themselves. After that, with enough hard work and dedication, opportunities in the fashion and showbiz industries may start to arise.

Generally, beauty therapists and make-up artists need excellent social skills, a high level of creativity, lots of energy, a steady hand and the ability to work well under pressure.

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Jobs for People Who Relish a Challenge

Perhaps you want out of the rat race, or to dive into something completely different that would require you to learn a new skill. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of challenging jobs out there that can swiftly remove you from your comfort zone if you’re bored of the same old routine.

Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) is an often cited example of a career path – whether temporary or for good – that can change your life in an instant; one minute you’re in a busy UK airport, the next you’re sipping cold cervezas in Spain or steaming Chai tea in Shanghai. TEFL offers a world of challenge and adventure.

There is money to be made in the profession where business is concerned. Think of all the businesspeople in the world who need a decent grasp of English in order to do international business – the demand is always going to be there and companies pay good money for in-house teachers.

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Jobs for People Who Live in the Fast Lane

Does the thought of sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen all day long depress you? Are you the sort of person who is far less terrified by the idea of scrambling up a cliff-face or careering down a mountainside on two planks of wood for a living? If so then you need to do what you do best, and take a risk in making that a day-to-day, paid reality.

Consider what it takes to become an extreme sports instructor or how to turn an outdoor hobby into a full time job. Ski instructors, pro sky-divers, rock-climbing and mountain guides all end up in the job through sheer love of the activity and determination to make it their life’s work. If you’re determined enough, and you have the physical aptitude for extreme sports, then you can make it your life’s work too.

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Jobs for People Who Like Problem Solving

Though they are a headache, if problems in the workplace didn’t exist then there wouldn’t be much work going for problem solvers. The role of the problem solver is integral to any business, and ideal for conscientious people who are motivated by the idea of taking something that’s broken, analysing the data, diagnosing the problem, and implementing a solution, since this is exactly what problem solvers do on a regular basis.

Suitable lines of work for problem solvers range from business-oriented roles such as Computer Systems Analyst, SEO Analyst and Logistician, through to developmental roles such as Urban Planner, Environmental Engineer and Personal Counsellors.

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Jobs for Animal Lovers

If animals and their wellbeing are your passion, then why not pursue a career in animal care? You might consider veterinarian studies or zoology to be too challenging given the amount of work and study required to gain the proper qualifications, but if the passion is there then careers within these fields are perfectly attainable.

Of course, there are far more options than just these two: dog-grooming, wildlife protection, marine biology and equine science are all good examples, and pay a decent salary.

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