What to Look for In Your Online A-Levels Courses

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There’s one thing that appeals to almost every learner: the flexibility of online learning. Whether you’re a college student wanting to take a few online A-Level courses or a stay-at-home mom looking to make the most of your spare time, the distance learning environment is one of the best.

Here’s what to look for in your online A-Level courses!

Certification and accreditation

Well, this is a complex consideration. If you want to complete a course to change career paths, find a job, or career progression, it’s best to choose a course with certification and accreditation. This will help your current or potential employer in verifying your skills when assessing your application.

Many courses provide certification, often with a fee attached if the content itself is offered without any charge. However, if you’re studying for your own interest, a certificate isn’t mandatory. Here’s our advice: go for an accredited institution to ensure what you’re learning meets the basic standards set by the government, and it will also shield you from the potential headaches of having to take a similar accredited course down the line to make up for it. So, the takeaway is, always check for the accreditation status of an institution.

Scheduled vs. self-paced

Choosing between these two is one of the most important considerations for choosing distance learning A-Level courses. Check if you’ll be able to follow the course at your own pace. This will be the best option for those with a busy family schedule or irregular work hours, as it can easily fit into your routine. Just ensure your pace is steady enough; otherwise, you’ll be spending a lot of your precious time reviewing previous modules before moving forward. If you have to study a certain number of hours every week and the course follows a set schedule, ensure you reserve some hours. If you’re not diligent, these can easily add up in coursework.

Thankfully, most course descriptions display the number of study hours they expect you to reserve for all units.

A man taking A-Level online classes

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