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Why 2014 is a Great Year for Online Learning

online learning

Learning: from lecture theatres and libraries to laptops and elibraries, it’s never been easier to study. The way we study and learn has changed irrevocably during the past 10 years. The need to be sat in classrooms and lecture theatres has passed and researching topics has become much easier with the use of the internet. These days through online learning we can effectively study wherever we want, whenever we want to at our own pace.

And if this increased flexibility in studying is an obvious advantage, there are a few other very good reasons as to why 2014 is a great year to enrol on an online learning course.


Increasing Childcare Costs

During 2013 childcare cost rose 19% on average according to a BBC report published on 13th January 2014. Although there are free part-time places available for all 3 and 4 year olds, this doesn’t help most families sufficiently, thereby trapping one parent to staying at home.

This increase in costs makes it very difficult for parents to afford anything more than the necessary when it comes to their child or children’s care when they are away. For the stay at home parent a good option – and often the only option – if they want to retrain is to take on a distance learning course. Studying from home can be the perfect solution for cash-strapped parents.


Graduate Job Prospects

Graduate jobs were slashed across the board during the recession but news in from recruitment consultants is that available positions are up 8.7% this year. That’s good news for graduates and students who are aiming to get into university in the near future. Landing a graduate job with training after university is arguably the best thing you can do after graduating.

The Independent, though, stated that the increase isn’t across all sectors. From 2007 to 2014, public sector vacancies are up 94.4% where at the other end of the spectrum media vacancies are down 57.9%.


Retrain in a Booming Sector

There are jobs across Europe; it’s just about being qualified in the right areas. McKinsey management consultants have compiled a study that have found that across Europe that between students and the jobs available there is a huge skill gap. It’s believed that educators generally aren’t equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge for today’s job market.

When embarking on a course of study, it’s always a good starting point to do some research into the jobs that are available in your chosen sector and read up about its future. This gives you a sound grounding in deciding on the right career, where your own career could lead to and what skill set you’ll need to be successful.


There are Grants Available

It was confirmed in January that Project ENTHUSE have committed £22 million in the funding of science teachers and technician training for the next 5 years. So although the news is still all about cuts and austerity there is help available in certain areas.

All in all, then, 2014 looks as if there are opportunities on the horizon. All that’s needed is a little bit of research followed by a lot of energy directed in the right way.


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