Why is Christianity Growing in Asia?

Why is Christianity Growing in Asia

The surge in growth can be described as phenomenal in Contemporary Christianity in Asia, ‘why’? The Church today is a much more global enterprise than in previous centuries, and in citing this it is clear that, much of Asia today is growing much faster and steadily that in the Westernised economies It can also be noted that: Western missionaries following the demise of colonialism, were, deeply affected by the change to the ‘status quo’, and re- focused on entrenchment within humanitarianism, where, as a less provocative presence were tolerated.

The difference in evangelistic approach in the indigenous Church in Asia, has distinctively integrated right at the heart of ‘community’ a clearly new strategic development for Western eyes to behold, which, has provides a clear message of ‘hands on’ and not ‘hands in’. This is seen in the growth of: social evangelism; mass conversions and resulting in Mega Churches. Serving as a ‘wake-up call’ to the Western Church; were, Christianity is seeing withdrawal and entrenchment

The cautionary lesson for western Christianity; rather than living in past glories and re-developing a formative ‘hands on’ approach, a more ‘hands off’ collaborative role of fiscal and economic support towards Asia, is now called for, in order for the indigenous Church to focus upon its mission. While, learning vital lessons from the past, the success of this contemporary Christian missionary phenomena and looking for and encouraging, similar productive indigenous evangelism models aimed at Western Cultures.

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