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How Will You Celebrate Your A Level Results?

Sucessful results, joy

This Thursday, it’s D Day. Or rather, A Day.

Idle thumbs? No way!

So, hands up. Who has a date with Destiny on Thursday?
A Level results will be out, and the future generation of thinkers and dreamers will be wearing their thumbs out from first light. Nope, not Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. None of the social media platforms will matter to a certain army of students eager to find out what, how many, and what sort of results they have managed. No oft-repeated calls to get up from Mum. No alarm required on Thursday. Mobiles will be ready and blinking from the early hours, pages refreshed… and refreshed. One more mega important task after the long and hard swot of studies, and the agony of exams.

Right results?

Yep…forget agony, in fact. Time for the ecstasy of fruitful grades – it’s party time, W00t! No Clearing to worry about, all your worries and stress will slip away faster than a landslide in the rainy season. So, after the good news has finally sunk in, what’s the plan? How will you celebrate your brilliant A Level results?

One more step

Once the frantic university calls have been made, and a place secured at your choice of lodging for the next three to four years, all you have to do is look forward to the move. Funny how your best mate is now called UCAS… And yes, of course a Student Satisfaction Poll is a GREAT reason for choosing your university, (as is max amount of clubs and pubs within walking distance).

Party time

It’s Time to Celebrate. A low-key affair or the party to end all parties and remembered forever? What’s your party bag?
Perhaps your family were your ‘rock’ whilst you studied and snapped at everyone – now it’s all been worth the hard slog you might all go and celebrate. A family meal at the local hotel, or better still, a roast dinner at home for all, Aunt Mabel , smarmy cousin Simon and Fido the dog can join in. (Don’t worry, you can sneak out later.)

Celebrate with mates

Maybe your best mate hasn’t had such good results? You can enjoy an all day session down the Royal Soak – allow him to drown his sorrows whilst you celebrate quietly… just don’t boast. Well, not out loud.

Maybe you ALL did well. Group hug. The same venue will do for a major hangover-making session. Go for it. Kill off a bit of grey matter before you need to use it again in September. Let loose while you still can.

Hit the high street

Remember all the nice things you were promised if you did really, really well? Time for a few reminders and to call in that debt. Anyway, they can’t possibly let you go off to university in THOSE clothes, now can they? Heh, you’re a student proper now.

Take off

Managed to save a few quid all those nights studying in? Ha – funny how it adds up. All those weekends stuck in studying with faithful Fido at your feet, all those missed festivals that everyone went on and on about. Fancy hitting some of the Ibiza closing parties? What’s the perfect way to celebrate? Revel in a theme park for adults – DJs, Clubbing, Fun and Sun. All the perfect way to celebrate your A Level results. Sweet success? You can already taste that Sangria…

Anyway, it’ll also give you a not-so-sweet taste of doing your own cooking and washing for a week. So go ahead, and get used to it!