Course at a glance

The Accredited Level 2 Physics Diploma course provides students with a solid basic understanding of Physics and how it relates to the everyday world that we live in. Included in the topics covered by the course materials are forces and motion, electricity, energy resources, magnetism, radioactivity and particles.
The course is designed to be accessible for those with limited scientific backgrounds, and as such is an excellent starting point for students wishing to learn more about Physics.

The course is a year in length and divided into 2 units of study. At the end of each unit there is an associated TMA (Tutor Marked Assessment) which students are required to complete and submit. The course is formally assessed by an average grade being attained from the 2 submitted Assessments.

Accredited Level 2 Physics Diploma Entry Requirements

Basic English reading and writing skills, as full tutor support is given.

All students must be 16 years of age or above.

Study Hours

Approximately 160 hours.

Course Duration

1 Year.


You can enrol on the course at any time.

Awarding Body

AccordAI/Accord Certified 

Quality Licence Scheme

Assessment Method

Two tutor marked assignments; one assignment after each unit.

Accredited Level 2 Physics Diploma Course Content

Accredited Level 2 Physics Diploma Unit 1: Forces, Waves, and Energy

Module 1: Forces, Motion and Electricity

  • Movement and Position
  • Forces, movement, shape and momentum
  • Astronomy
  • Electric Charge
  • Energy and Potential Difference in Circuits
  • Mains Electricity 

Module 2: Waves

  • Properties of Waves
  • The electromagnetic spectrum
  • Light and SoundHow light travels, how sound waves travel, the differences between wavelengths and frequency as well as how different environments and materials affect said waves.

Accredited Level 2 Physics Diploma Module 3: Energy resources and energy transfer

  • Energy Transfer
  • Work and Power
  • Energy Resources and Electricity Generation

Accredited Level 2 Physics Diploma Unit 2: States and Magnetism

Module 4: Solids, liquids and Gases

  • Density and Pressure
  • Change of State
  • Ideal Gas MoleculesHow environmental factors such as heat and density affect how an object may change state.

Module 5: Magnetism and Electromagnetism & Radioactivity and Particles

  • Magnetism
  • Electromagnetism
  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Radioactivity
  • Particles


This Accredited Level 2 Physics Diploma can be used in preparation for progressing to higher level study in relevant Physics subjects (for example Accredited Level 3 Diplomas) or as a vehicle for career development or to fulfil entry requirements to education courses.