Course at a glance


This Quality Assured, Level 3 Diploma in Business Consultancy, is aimed at providing those with some experience in advice, guidance and training in business sectors; or hold introductory qualifications and want to enhance these skills. Business Consulting is a growth area, as many legal; training and accounting firms now offer this provision. Many firms are able to offer: TQM; ISO; IIP and other leading audit kite marks.

Equally, many of the professional bodies in management; accounting and associated sectors now seek proven learning at level three or above, to allow membership.

The course will teach the student the many and varied skills that underpin the growing demand for business consultants. This includes: types of business needed help; Small and Medium Enterprises; Public Sector organisations and the Third Sector. What do consultants do; best practice and much more.

Learning Aims

The learning programme for the student, offers choice and scope in regards to the wider study of the business consultancy practices. The core aims of the diploma are to:

  • Specifically offer students a theoretical academic approach to the study of this area of business consultancy, through a robust programme of learning that will enhance careers in the wider field of business training and development settings, that the student currently engages within or seeks to aspire towards.
  • The Diploma Business Consulting encourages students to: develop their interest in, and enthusiasm for, a rigorous study of their subject at a specialist level and explores the core theories and their application in business consulting assignments.


Assessment Objectives (AO)

AO: 1

Students must select and demonstrate clearly relevant knowledge and understanding through the use of evidence, examples and correct language and terminology appropriate to the course of study. In addition, for synoptic assessment, students should demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the connections between different elements of their course of study. This assessment, involves two written assignments: one halfway through the course and following the final unit. Both are assessed and graded by the assigned tutor, according to college procedures.

AO: 2

Students must critically evaluate and justify a point of view through the use of evidence and reasoned argument. In addition, for synoptic assessment, students should relate elements of their course of study to their broader context and to aspects of career and experience.

In addition, OLC require students’ to produce written material in English, candidates must: ensure that text is legible and that spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPG) are accurate so that meaning is clear; select and use a form and style of writing appropriate to studying a complex subject matter; organise information clearly and coherently, using specialist vocabulary when appropriate and Harvard referencing of citation and sources. In this Specification, SPG will be assessed in all tutor marked assignments (TMAs)

To ensure that we maintain quality standards; all our students written assignments are subject to our plagiarism policy and procedure.

Accredited Level 3 Business Consultancy Diploma Entry Requirement

Entry to this Accredited Level 3 Business Consultancy Diploma requires that potential students have gained GCSE/IGCSE or equivalent qualifications and have, good English oral, reading and writing skills.

Advice on enrolment and guidance of prior learning (APL) can be obtained through out contact centre. The course is a rolling programme and can be started at any point in the year. Successful students can go on to Higher Education, including remaining as students at OLC to complete courses in our portfolio of higher awards.

All students must be aged 16 or over.


The coursework is assessed through continuous assessment with no formal exit examinations.

Study Hours

Approximately: 200 hours of personal study time for the entire course is recommended. All of which is supported by the OLC Course Tutor, who we greatly encourage students to access support from throughout their course.

Quality Assurance

This course has been developed by the College’s professional team of tutors to meet the needs of sector based employers and employees. It is also part of the College’s validated level three Diplomas’, recognised internationally, as verified and moderated Centre for Interactive Education (CIE Global). Further details of our accreditations are provided on our website.

Accredited Level 3 Business Consultancy Diploma Course Length

1 Year.

Awarding Body


Accredited Level 3 Business Consultancy Diploma Course Content

The whole level three diploma has TEN (10) specific units of study, which are sub-divided into topic areas these are:

Accredited Level 3 Business Consultancy Diploma Unit 1: Introduction to Business Consultancy.

In this unit, students will learn the many and varied popular concepts that form the basis for business consultancy. This will include: types of business consultants; training or advice; features of good practice; professional accreditation/accountability; brands; tools and acumen.

Accredited Level 3 Business Consultancy Diploma Unit 2: The Business of Consultancy and Advisory Services

This unit explores how business consultancy and advisory services have evolved, many of which have until recently been a key feature of local authorities and other public bodies to attract and procure new employers to their locations. The unit also explores what are the codes of conduct, accreditation arrangements, training and other features of, good consultancy practice.

Accredited Level 3 Business Consultancy Diploma Unit 3: Effective Stakeholder Management

This unit considers the ‘stakeholders’ in the consultancy process. From the business owner, funder, customer, market, shareholder, local enterprise, accreditation assessor, training provider – how does a consultant manage this conundrum successfully?

Accredited Level 3 Business Consultancy Diploma Unit 4: Key Consultancy Skills

This unit helps the student understand the different skill sets needed to be a successful business consultant. This will include: good communication skills, interpersonal interaction skills, proven knowledge of the sector, good research skills, time management, risk/crisis management skills and skilled trainer/assessor. These and more are explored.

Accredited Level 3 Business Consultancy Diploma Unit 5: Managing Project Assignments

The ‘day to day’ management of an assignment is crucial. It will require the good skills noted in unit 4, but an assignment can never be, one model fits all. With every assignment, even if the system is the same, the people and business will not be. We explore the many and varied complexities of successful assignments.

Accredited Level 3 Business Consultancy Diploma Unit 6: Planning Consultancy Assignments

The first rule of being a good consultancy is to plan and even review assignment plans before beginning. This starts with a ‘strong assignment proposal’ that is well costed, time-framed and risk assessed. This unit explores successful planning.

Accredited Level 3 Business Consultancy Diploma Unit 7: Data Collection and Analysis

The crucial tool during the first stages of consultancy is to gather information to support or guide the required reason for being on the assignment. Therefore, a good triangulation of methods of data collection is important to provide strong evidence. This unit will explore the wider concepts of ‘good research’.

Accredited Level 3 Business Consultancy Diploma Unit 8: Effective Report Writing Skills

The usual conclusion of an assignment is the presentation of the findings/recommendations and answering the client’s reasons for using the services of a consultant. Therefore, both written presentations skills are, a key aspect to this closure process. In this unit students will learn about good reporting skills.

Accredited Level 3 Business Consultancy Diploma Unit 9: Making Client Presentations

Building on unit 8, this unit explores how to make good presentations to the client. These are frequently to a group or, a full conference room. Therefore, the consultant needs to be professional and able to use many different mediums: ICT; Workshop; Seminar and even Conference Calling! This unit will explore good presentation skills.

Accredited Level 3 Business Consultancy Diploma Unit 10: Rational Persuasion

In this final unit we explore one last and important feature. From starting an assignment to its ultimate conclusion, the consultant will constantly be in persuasion mode. This crucial tool is one that most professional consultants will hone as they develop their client base. The student will learn the ‘know how’ and art of rational persuasion. The unit concludes with an overview of the course.



This Accredited Level 3 Business Consultancy Diploma can be used to gain entry to a Level 4 Diploma or higher.