Accredited Level 3 Counselling Diploma


This Level 3 Course in Counselling is designed to provide an introduction to those students who may be considering a career in Counselling. Counsellors work in many settings and environments such as the Health Service and Schools and also set up their own private practice. On completion of the Course you may decide to take your studies further and consider a higher level qualification in this topic. The College will provide you with the resources necessary to complete the course and will also provide you with tutor support. Tutors have all been specially selected for their knowledge and understanding of your particular area of study and have experience in Distance Learning support.

The Course will combine practical understanding of the theory and practice of counselling and will help you develop the basic skills and techniques used by Counsellors. Students are encouraged to develop self reflection and understanding during their Course of study and the course may be invaluable in assisting you to develop knowledge and understanding of your own life path.

Students are required to pass two marked assignments and this will determine the award of the Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care. The Assignments will be expected to be approximately 3000 words in total and one will be completed by the mid point of the Course and one at the end of the Course. The assignments will be a combination of short answer questions and longer written answers.

Assignments must be written by the student themselves and work that has been copied and pasted into the assignment will not be accepted as all work has to be screened for Plagiarism. The completed assignments will be marked online by a course tutor and the assignment will either be graded pass or fail and feedback on performance will be provided. Tutor support will be provided throughout your Course of study and you are encouraged to make contact with your Tutor at the earliest possible opportunity as this will assist you develop your understanding and knowledge of the topic.


Accredited Level 3 Counselling Diploma Entry Requirement

Entry to this Accredited Level 3 Counselling Diploma requires that potential students have gained GCSE/IGCSE or equivalent qualifications and have, good English oral, reading and writing skills.

Advice on enrolment and guidance of prior learning (APL) can be obtained through out contact centre. The course is a rolling programme and can be started at any point in the year. Successful students can go on to Higher Education, including remaining as students at OLC to complete courses in our portfolio of higher awards.

All students must be aged 16 or over.


The coursework is assessed through continuous assessment with no formal exit examinations.

Study Hours

Approximately: 200 hours of personal study time for the entire course is recommended. All of which is supported by the OLC Course Tutor, who we greatly encourage students to access support from throughout their course.

Quality Assurance

This course has been developed by the College’s professional team of tutors to meet the needs of sector based employers and employees. It is also part of the College’s validated level three Diplomas’, recognised internationally, as verified and moderated by the Centre for Interactive Education (CIE Global). Further details of our accreditations are provided on our website.

Accredited Level 3 Counselling Diploma Course Length

1 Year.

Awarding Body

CIE Global

Accredited Level 3 Counselling Diploma Course Content

Accredited Level 3 Counselling Diploma Module 1 – The Foundations of Counselling

This module provides a basic introduction to the counselling role and is an important foundation for the rest of the Course. The module provides you with self-reflection exercises and other techniques that will assist you in developing your personal goals and that of others.

Accredited Level 3 Counselling Diploma Module 2 – Qualities of a Counsellor

Counsellors are dealing with human beings every single day of their working lives and this can be demanding for both client and practitioner. Different forms of communication are explored which includes verbal, non-verbal, language, confidentiality and listening skills. There is a focus on empathy and what this means in terms of a counselling environment.

Accredited Level 3 Counselling Diploma Module 3 – Interviewing a Client

In this module we learn how to build client relationships that are based on confidentiality and trust. We examine how to challenge clients in such a way that the relationship does not break down and how to manage client-counsellor relationships so that boundaries are respected.

Accredited Level 3 Counselling Diploma Module 4 – Depression, stress and suicide

Personal well being can be affected by the kind of environments that we mix in and the demands made upon us by others. In this Module we examine the needs of clients who are under extreme pressure in their lives and his module teaches us about how to use open ended questioning in a sensitive manner so that clients feel safe to talk about issues that may be troubling them. We also need to know when it is appropriate to ask clients to seek medical help and assistance.

Accredited Level 3 Counselling Diploma Module 5 – Relationships and Sexual Counselling

Much of the stress of everyday life comes from our relationships with others and it is common to form judgements about the personal relationships of others. We examine why this is not appropriate in a counselling situation as counsellors are expected to be non judgemental in their approach. We examine some of the techniques used in couples counselling and examine how personal feelings can impact upon the therapeutic role and how this can be addressed.

Accredited Level 3 Counselling Diploma Module 6 – Death and Bereavement

This module explores the stages of death and bereavement such as denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance and teaches the Counsellor the difference between the different stages and how to support clients or indeed loved ones in this particular situation.

Accredited Level 3 Counselling Diploma Module 7 – Drugs, Alcohol and Finances

This module teachers students about the different types of drugs and explores issues such as addiction and the impact this can have upon sufferers and their families. The specific techniques that are useful when counselling addicts and their families are explored as are the wider issues such as financial issues that may be linked to addiction.

Accredited Level 3 Counselling Diploma Module 8 – Ethics

All counselling students must have an awareness and understanding of the Code of Ethics laid down by professional bodies such as the British Association of Counselling. This module introduces students to the importance of working within professional boundaries and considers the legal aspects inherent in the role of Counsellor.

Accredited Level 3 Counselling Diploma Module 9 – Counselling Administration

This module is designed for those students who are considering at some future point setting up in private practice. It enables you to examine the forms necessary for client referral and the terms and conditions that need to be in place prior to commencing counselling. The Module will also guide you towards developing a Business Plan that will eventually help you to develop a private practice.


This Accredited Level 3 Counselling Diploma can be used to gain entry to a Level 4 Diploma or higher.