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This CIE Global accredited course is particularly relevant for Secretaries and Administrators or anyone contemplating working within a legal environment. A Legal Office Administrator sometimes called a Legal Secretary, works closely with lawyers, prosecutors and public defenders and will often be directly involved in legal proceedings. Their main role is to provide administrative assistance and support to professionals, such as solicitors or barristers, within appropriate legal environments.

The course utilises a fictitious law firm to allow the student to engage their knowledge in a practical and useful way. With specialist units in certain areas of law, this qualification will meet the needs of employers that require individuals with a good foundation of knowledge of the legal environment from an administration perspective. This course will provide the learner with the necessary skills to work as a Legal Administrator, and will give them an insight into the legal field. The course is interesting and engaging, and quite often leads to individuals applying for other courses in law.

Accredited Level 3 Legal Administration Diploma Entry Requirement

Entry to this Accredited Level 3 Legal administration Diploma requires that potential students have gained GCSE/IGCSE or equivalent qualifications and have, good English oral, reading and writing skills.

Advice on enrolment and guidance of prior learning (APL) can be obtained through out contact centre. The course is a rolling programme and can be started at any point in the year. Successful students can go on to Higher Education, including remaining as students at OLC to complete courses in our portfolio of higher awards.

All students must be aged 16 or over.


The coursework is assessed through continuous assessment with no formal exit examinations.

Study Hours

Approximately: 200 hours of personal study time for the entire course is recommended. All of which is supported by the OLC Course Tutor, who we greatly encourage students to access support from throughout their course.

Quality Assurance

This course has been developed by the College’s professional team of tutors to meet the needs of sector based employers and employees. It is also part of the College’s validated level three Diplomas’, recognised internationally, as verified and moderated Centre for Interactive Education (CIE Global). Further details of our accreditations are provided on our website.

Accredited Level 3 Legal Administration Diploma Course Length

1 Year.

Awarding Body


Accredited Level 3 Legal Administration Diploma Course Content

Accredited Level 3 Legal Administration Diploma Module 1 – Introduction to working in a legal office

This module examines the roles of different departments within law firms, chambers and the court system in the UK. It discusses very briefly some concepts which will be examined in more detail later, such as conveyancing, wills and probate and litigation. This module goes on to explore the roles and relevant training of the members of the legal environments, such as solicitors, barristers, conveyancers, judges and legal executives.

Accredited Level 3 Legal Administration Diploma Module 2 – The role of the legal secretary and client care

This module examines the role of the legal secretary in running an effective legal practice. It explores the occurrence of client interviews, taking message and dealing with telephone calls. It also included a discussion on when a legal secretary might attend court and their role there. Anti-money laundering procedures such as identity checks and collecting evidence from clients are also explored. Client confidentiality is also examined, and the role that the legal secretary plays in maintaining client trust.

Accredited Level 3 Legal Administration Diploma Module 3 – Legal administration and systems

This is a very practical module, and examines the ways in which a law firm is structured using a fictituos law firm. The hierarchy of the firm will be examined, along with the different forms in which the company might be formed, such as limited company, a LLP or a parternship. Different types of filing and diary systems are also discussed, along with how post and document exchange systems can be employed. Time management systems will be explored, as well as discussing how health and safety requirements can be adhered to.

Accredited Level 3 Legal Administration Diploma Module 4 – Office procedures of the legal profession

This is a specialist module, as it deals with the attention to detail and accuracy that is required in the work of a legal secretary. Practical skills, such as typing, processing and proof reading will be considered. This module also contains commonly used words and abbreviated that are often used in practice, and includes exercises in how to employ these in real life situations.

Accredited Level 3 Legal Administration Diploma Module 5 – Introduction to Law

This first module explores where the law comes from, tracing it from its origins in the Norma Conquest through to modern day. It explores the importance of judge made precedent, as well as discussing the passing of law by domestic Parliament.

This module also explores the hierarchy of the criminal and civil courts in the United Kingdom, and discusses why such a hierarchy is important in how cases are decided. This module explores the ‘People of Law’, and discusses the role that solicitors and barristers play in the overall process. It also explores the role and responsibility of the various levels of judges, ranging from the Magistrate right up to the Law Lords of the Supreme Court.

Accredited Level 3 Legal Administration Diploma Module 6 – Conveyancing

This module looks at the role of the legal secretary within the Conveyancing department of a fictitious legal firm. The main focus of this module explores the conveyancing system of England and Wales i.e. the buying and selling of land and property between parties. The module discusses the entire conveyancing process from taking instructions from the client through the exchange of contracts right through to completion. An exploration of the relevant forms needed for the process will be undertaken, with explanations of how these should be practically completed.

Accredited Level 3 Legal Administration Diploma Module 7 – Criminal litigation

This module looks at the role of the legal secretary within the criminal litigation department. This module explores the process from when a client is arrested at a police station through to their appearance in Magistrates Court, or through an appeal to Crown Court. There is some focus on the practical aspects of a crime, including a discussion on mens rea (the mental element) and the acts required to constitute a crime. Once again, there is a discussion on the relevant documents required for this area of law, and how these should be prepared to adhere to court standards. The module also explores where there is the need to instruct and brief a barrister, as well as typing witness statements.

Accredited Level 3 Legal Administration Diploma Module 8 – Wills and Probate

This module explores the role of the Wills and Probate departments, sometimes referred to as the private client department. This module will examine how a will should be prepared and the legal requirements relating to the signing of the will, as well as where capacity needs to established with a client. It will examine what forms are required should a person die intestate i.e. without a will. The module will conclude with how a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration should be applied for.

Accredited Level 3 Legal Administration Diploma Module 9 – Family Law

This module deals with the highly charged and emotional area of family law. This area of law deals with what is dealt with by the family department of a law firm, such as divorce and child welfare. There will be opportunities to complete a divorce petition on behalf of a fictitious client, as well as other associate forms.

Accredited Level 3 Legal Administration Diploma Module 10 – Civil litigation

This module considers the work in the often very busy civil litigation department. The module deals with the procedure associate with beginning an action in the County Court, as well as the documents required for completion, such as statements, pre action questionnaire. These documents, since the recent Woolf reforms, have become increasingly important and it is often the responsibility of the legal secretary to undertake their preparation. This module also contains some quizzes and questionnaires to round off this exciting and engaging course.


This Accredited Level 3 Legal Administration Diploma can be used to gain entry to a Level 4 Diploma or higher.