Course at a glance

CompTIA Network+

This helps develop a career in IT infrastructure covering troubleshooting, configuring, and managing networks.

There are several specific reasons why someone would want to be Network+ certified. This certification benefits you in your pursuit of success in the IT network field by:

Bolstering your resume. Employers and hiring managers might give preference to job applicants with the Network+ certification.

Improving your career opportunities. Some positions in the IT networks field are only open to applicants with Network+ certification. Being certified may allow you to pursue employment with companies that have high standards and requirements for certain job titles.

Increasing your credibility among your peers. Professionals who have a Network+ certification have proved themselves to be knowledgeable about IT networks and proficient in solving network-related problems. They also must have a significant amount of technical experience. A Network+ certification shows your peers that you are committed to the pursuit of excellence in your field.

Offering you opportunities to further your education. To renew and maintain your Network+ certification, you can take advantage of CompTIA’s continuing education program. CompTIA offers a variety of courses that you can take to fulfill the requirements. By keeping yourself informed on developments in the IT field, you will continue to make yourself a more valuable employee and team member.

CompTIA Network+ ensures an IT professional has the knowledge and skills to:

  • Design and implement functional networks
  • Configure, manage, and maintain essential network devices
  • Use devices such as switches and routers to segment network traffic and create resilient networks
  • Identify benefits and drawbacks of existing network configurations
  • Implement network security, standards, and protocols
  • Troubleshoot network problems
  • Support the creation of virtualized networks

What skills will you learn?

Networking Concepts

Explain the purpose of a variety of networking concepts and implement them appropriately.


Determine & explain the appropriate cabling, device and storage technologies.

Network Operations

Use best practices to manage the network, determine policies & ensure business continuity.

Network Security

Summarize physical security & common attacks while securing the wired and wireless network.

Network Troubleshooting & Tools

Explain the network troubleshooting methodology & appropriate tools to support connectivity & performance.


CompTIA Network+ N10-007 has been updated and reorganized to address the current networking technologies with expanded coverage of several domains by adding:

  • Critical security concepts to helping networking professionals work with security practitioners
  • Key cloud computing best practices and typical service models
  • Coverage of newer hardware and virtualization techniques
  • Concepts to give individuals the combination of skills to keep the network resilient

Required exam CompTIA Network+ N10-007

Number of questions Maximum of 90

Types of questions Multiple choice and performance-based

Length of test 90 minutes

Passing score 720 (on a scale of 100—900)

Jobs that use CompTIA Network+

  • Junior Network Administrator
  • Computer Technician
  • Network Field Technician
  • Help Desk Technician
  • Junior System Engineer
  • System Engineer
  • IS Consultant
  • Network Support Specialist
  • Network Field Engineer
  • Network Analyst