Level 3 Health Coaching Diploma


This course is approved by ACCPH at Level 3 and allows you to join as a professional member after graduation.

This Quality Assured Level 3 Diploma course is designed for those who wish to embark upon a career in health coaching, either within the private or public sectors. Individuals who wish to enhance skills or job roles that they already have will find this course appealing. In addition it is for those with a keen interest in health promotion through seminar or conference routes.

The course is broken down into ten modules which integrate to give a holistic approach to health coaching. The course materials will cover core skills, techniques, methods and delivery, together with client assessment and programme design. Each module will be contextualized with health care concepts, relevant legislation and scope of allied health care professional roles.


Level 3 Health Coaching Diploma Entry Requirements

All students must be 16 years of age and above to enter into our Level 3 Health Coaching Diploma course.

Level 3 Diploma courses require a minimum prior learning to GCSE standard in order that students can manage their studies and the assumed knowledge within course content.

Study Hours

Approximately 20 hours per unit.


Optional coursework and final examination.


Please note that you can enrol on this course at anytime.

Course Length

1 Year.

Endorsed By

ABC Awards


Level 3 Health Coaching Diploma Course Content

Level 3 Health Coaching Diploma Module 1: What is health?

The first module takes a look at the definitions of health from variety of different perspectives. Personal and societal expectations of health and what this means in the context of wellbeing and health coaching will be examined. Growth, development and the psychological issues of health relevant to the coaching situation will be touched upon by the student.

Level 3 Health Coaching Diploma Module 2: Health promotion in context with health coaching

In this module students examine the concepts of health promotion in the UK. This will include the legislation, strategies and frameworks that exist providing the parameters of care and service delivery. The role, scope and client base of the health coach will be considered.

Level 3 Health Coaching Diploma Module 3: Health and disease in context with health coaching

In order to successfully coach health, students need to have a basic understanding of the concepts of health and disease, cause and effect and prevention strategies. This module examines will give students an insight of these in relation to health coaching.

Level 3 Health Coaching Diploma Module 4: The nature and scope of health coaching

This module examines the scope of health coaching and outlines the core skills, approaches, models and techniques within this remit.

Level 3 Health Coaching Diploma Module 5: Communication and health coaching

Just like many coaching related courses, communication is a key element of the process. In this module students look at communication skills in detail, how to communicate, and contextualize these within the coaching environment.

Level 3 Health Coaching Diploma Module 6: Social issues and health coaching

Health is a social issue as much as a personal one. In this module we look at social issues such as lifestyle, relationships, gender, cultural issues and demographics relevant to the coaching situation.

Level 3 Health Coaching Diploma Module 7: Coaching in professional healthcare situations

This module looks at the health coach within a healthcare setting; this maybe within a hospital, care home, or within a management or human resource team concerned with professional development.

Level 3 Health Coaching Diploma Module 8: Health coaching in public sector and private practice

Health coaching in the public sector will require knowledge of public health issues, legislation and service provisions that are currently in place; health coaching in the private sector has different knowledge requirements. These will be discussed within this module.

Level 3 Health Coaching Diploma Module 9: Ethical considerations, legislation and responsibilities

This module deals with issues such as confidentiality, data protection, professional codes of conduct; legislation relevant to health coaching and the legal and professional responsibilities of the health coach.

Level 3 Health Coaching Diploma Module 10: Consolidation, programme design and strategies

The final module will present a brief overview of the course and give some examples of programme design. There will also be some templates included which can be adapted for the students personal use.


This Level 3 Health Coaching Diploma course can be used to gain entry to a Level 4 Diploma or higher.


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