Oxford College Environmental Policy

‘A scientific consensus agrees that the increased levels of greenhouse gases are due to human activity. This has become clearer over the past fifty years. Contrasting with this consensus, other hypotheses have been put forward to explain most of the observed increase in global temperatures. One such hypothesis is that the warming is caused by natural fluctuations in the climate or that warming is mainly a result of variations in solar radiation.

There is no doubt however that the greenhouse gases emitted as a result of human activity is a serious threat to the future of the earth. In addition the natural resources of the earth, oil, gas, coal are being used up at an unsustainable rate.’

A Tree - Oxford College Environmental Policy

Key aims of our Environmental Policy:

  • To minimise the use of non-renewable and environmentally-damaging resources
  • To maximise recycling and minimize usage of paper/print/plastic products
  • To increase awareness of environmental issues amongst students and staff

To achieve these aims:

  • Operating standards will be constantly reviewed and updated in line with recommendations. We will also encourage our students to support us in our aims where possible
  • We no longer produce prospectuses as all information is provided online.
  • Our Diploma distance courses are now offered solely and entirely online as standard.
  • Our A Level distance courses are now offered solely and entirely online as standard.
  • Our BTEC HND distance courses are offered solely and entirely online as standard.
  • All learning materials are provided online. As a distance learning provider, we give students access to their course via our log-in area on our website. Students have the opportunity to print their course once only from our protected pdf document.
  • We will soon be offering students their certificate in digital format first and those that need a hard copy can request one.
  • Internally, staff will use double-sided printing and photocopying wherever possible
  • All paper & printer cartridges used internally will be recycled
  • We would ask students to assist by not printing documents unless it is absolutely necessary
  • Staff and students are asked to use e-mail wherever possible avoiding paper usage
  • We request that students use e-mail to contact us wherever possible
  • Energy efficient printers will be used and colour copy option will only be used if absolutely necessary