Oxford Learning Ltd Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions
Applicable to all Customer Agreements

Oxford Learning Ltd. is a company incorporated in Gibraltar. The Company registered office is at 4 Pitmans Alley, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA. Company registration number: 103614.

These terms and Conditions are applicable to all Customers of Oxford Learning Ltd covering Canadian Open Learning College, Oxford Learning College, and Australian Open Learning College, (referred to in these terms as “you”, “your”, “students” “their”, “they” and “his/her”).

Access to and use of the Site is provided by Oxford Learning Ltd (referred to in these terms as “we”, “us” “our” or “the College” or “the Colleges”) only.

By enrolling on a Course and using the Site, you are acknowledging that you have read and accepted these Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy.

When contacting a College or subsidiary over the phone, you are acknowledging that you have read and accepted our Telephone Recording Policy.

These Terms and Conditions apply also to Oxford Learning Ltd subsidiary social media sites.
These Terms and Conditions apply to all customer agreements.

You agree to use the Website only in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, for lawful purposes, and in a way that does not infringe the rights of, restrict or inhibit anyone else’s use and enjoyment of the Site.

We reserve the right to alter the Terms and Conditions at any time and we will notify you that changes have been made.

1. Your Personal Information

Oxford Learning Limited is strongly committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of information provided by those who access our Website. Our commitment is reflected in our Privacy Policy found on each subsidiary site.


We uphold the relevant data protection principles and process all personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018.

2. Members Sign In

2.1 You acknowledge that if any information provided by you is untrue, inaccurate, not current, or incomplete, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your membership and studies.

2.2 When you enrol on a course with a subsidiary, the Colleges usually use your email address as your Member/Username. You may change this as soon as you receive acknowledgement of enrolment; ie you are allocated a Campus Account.

2.3 You must not choose a Member/User Name that impersonates someone else, is or may be illegal, is or may be protected by trademark or other proprietary rights law, is vulgar or otherwise offensive, or may cause confusion. We reserve the right to reject any Member/User Name.

2.4 If you have reason to believe that your password is no longer secure, you must promptly change your password by updating your member/user name information.

3. Oxford Learning Ltd, College Products – and / or Courses and Merchandise

3.1 Availability of a Product

3.1.1 All products are in stock at the time of publication. Oxford Learning Ltd cannot guarantee that any particular item is available and therefore accept no liability for any products that are sold out. In the event of a product being sold out and an order accepted, we will endeavour to find an alternative; if this is not possible a full refund will be given.

3.1.2 All goods are subject to Gibraltar taxes, and are included in the price. Claims for damaged goods must be made in writing via email within 48 hours of receipt. Oxford Learning Ltd accepts no responsibility for claims made after this period.

3.1.3 Oxford Learning Ltd reserves the right to change the Course at any point during the study or enrolment period. In replacement of the original Course enrolled upon, Oxford Learning Ltd will provide a Course of the same level or higher in place of the original enrolment. The Course will, however, be the same subject area. In this case the study period will then resume from the start date of the new course and course expiry will always be the longest study period.

3.2 Course Description and Length

3.2.1 It is a student’s responsibility to ensure they have read and understood the Course descriptions on our website, which state clearly the duration of the course. Oxford Learning Ltd takes no responsibility for students who fail to meet course duration requirements.

3.3 Course Extension

3.3.1 The College offers extensions of up to 3 months at the discretion of the Colleges and from the date of expiry (not available for BTEC HNC courses). A charge per month applies. Details are shown on the website.

3.4 Responsibility for Course Materials

3.4.1 We affirm that materials relating to any one course, together with all revision and updates made by us from time to time, which may be in any format and which are required by the student to complete the course (the “Course Materials”) will meet a satisfactory level of quality; however, we do not affirm that they will be error free.

3.4.2 You will be responsible for inspecting the Course Materials promptly. Furthermore, you will be responsible for informing us about any oversights within 14 days of receipt.

3.4.3 Access to course materials, other than on-line access, will be arranged after 14 days of enrolling. The Colleges cannot take responsibility for delay in paper course materials due to postal services or your change of address during postal timescales.

3.4.4 You may choose to purchase a paper or pdf copy by ordering on line through the subsidiary sites.

3.5 Safety and Security of Materials for all Courses

3.5.1 It is a student’s responsibility to ensure that all course materials/documents/TMAs/SAPs etc. are kept safely and securely as these will be provided once only.

3.5.2 Unless otherwise specified, all coursework and questions must be uploaded to the tutor via the upload facilities provided On Campus. The guidelines for this is explained in student handbooks. The College cannot take responsibility for students who do not follow the guidelines provided.

3.5.3 Unless otherwise specified, students should keep copies of all coursework and feedback from tutors should they need this for any reason after a period of 4 years from the completion of their course.

3.5.4 It is your responsibility to regularly read any other documents provided on your account, eg your student handbooks and additional resources.

3.5.5 Your Campus Account that includes on-line messages with your tutor and the Colleges, along with your coursework will remain available from the Colleges for 4 years from the completion of your course, at which time it will be securely deleted. During this time, you can contact us to request additional digital copies of your submitted work, notes on your records and other communications with the Colleges.

4. Accuracy of Content and Information on the Website

4.1 The contents of the Site are only for general information or use. They do not constitute advice and should not be relied upon in making (or refraining from making) any decision.

4.2 The Colleges does not affirm that information contained on or available via the Website is accurate or complete and accordingly it should not be relied on as such. You should not rely on any such information.

4.3 Any arrangements made between you and any other person, using, or named on the Site, are entirely at your sole risk and responsibility. Information contained in or accessible via the Site changes on a regular basis. We may make improvements or alterations to the Site at any time and without notice.

4.4 Addresses of, or links to other websites may appear on the Site for your convenience. The Colleges does not operate or monitor other websites and we accept no responsibility or liability for the content of other websites. Any link is not intended to be, nor should be construed as, an endorsement of any kind by us of another website.

4.5 Should we link to another website we will try to make it as clear as possible that you are leaving the Site. It is your responsibility to check the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy on any other website that you visit.

4.6 We do not guarantee that use of the site:

  1. will be compatible with all hardware and software;
  2. will be uninterrupted or error or virus free;
  3. will deliver any specific outcome for its users, or
  4. will have defects corrected except for those defects which the Oxford Learning Ltd is obliged to correct by law.

4.7 It is your responsibility to take appropriate steps to ensure that you regularly check for and protect against viruses when using the Site on any device.

4.8 We make no statement about the suitability of the content, information and services contained on, or accessed via, the Site. All warranties, terms, and conditions in this regard, including all warranties, terms and conditions implied by statute or otherwise, of satisfactory quality and fitness for purpose are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. For the avoidance of doubt this includes materials accessed via links to websites (including home pages, web pages or documents they contain) operated by any other person or organisation.

4.9 The internet is not a secure means of communication. Other people or organisations may intercept emails. You should not send any communication to us through the Site or by email, in particular, which contains personal data (including sensitive personal data) and/or confidential information about you or any other person, unless you accept that any such communication would be sent at your own risk and on the understanding that we would not be liable for any loss that you might suffer as a result (except for losses which cannot be excluded or limited at law, as referred to directly above).

5. Your Tutor Support

5.1 You should expect to receive an answer to any questions you present via the Campus system, within the specified timescale indicated in your course handbook. This also applies to the timescales indicated for coursework marking and feedback.

5.2 Tutors will answer questions only from those presented on the Campus system. Tutors will mark work and provide feedback via the Campus system only.

5.3 The Colleges cannot take responsibility for students who do not follow the tutor contact guidelines in the Handbook or tutor advice and feedback on assignments, which subsequently causes a problem for them.

6. Payments

6.1 The total and full cost of the Course MUST be paid for prior to the Colleges issuing a certificate of completion or claiming a certificate from an Awarding Body.

6.1.1 Portfolio charges – please note that with regard to the cancellation of examinations, should A Level examinations and IGCSE examinations be cancelled, you may need to produce a completed portfolio of coursework which will need to be sent to your registered examination centre.

This is done on your behalf by the college and the cost of this service is £50 per portfolio (which is £50 per subject) sent on your behalf. This is to be paid via the subsidiary website prior to the students portfolio being sent off.

6.2 There is a £40.00 administrative surcharge applied from outset for all instalment plans.

The Administrative surcharge cannot be paid by instalments; it is added to the first payment.

6.3 Where payment for your Course has been agreed by way of an instalment plan via Debit/Credit Card, you agree to make the required payment on the dates as agreed at the outset.

6.4 In the event of a payment being declined, you agree to pay the sum due within 48 hours of the due date or a £20.00 administration fee will be applied. The £20.00 administration fee cannot be paid by instalments.

6.5 If you fail to make payment by the due date, we may then seek appropriate payment as we in our sole discretion think fit. We reserve the right to change the date of the instalment plan or to re-try the failed instalment payment at any time.

6.6 Should a student continue to fail to make payments, the Colleges have the right to refer the debt to a Debt Recovery Agency. This will occur after 21 days have passed from the initial request for failed payment.

6.7 Should a debt recovery agency be utilised, further costs may be added to the balance owing to us of which you must pay. You will deal exclusively with the agency appointed and should the debt not be paid, this may also be lodged with the main Credit Reference Agencies, thus affecting your ability to obtain credit in the future.

6.8 In the event of an account being passed to an external debt recovery agency where the student is aged 16 or under, the guarantor named on consent letter attached to the student’s account will be held financially liable for all remaining balances.

6.9 For the avoidance of any doubt, should you wish to discontinue with the Course at any time then the full amount for the Course will still be due as you have entered into a legally binding contract to pay the Course fees in full and any additional fees where appropriate.

6.10 As referred to in the subsidiary’s Privacy Policy, if the full cost of your course has not been paid upon completion of your course, your account details associated with payment of your course will remain on the College’s records for 6 years or until your account has been settled.

7. Results of Qualifications – Vocational Courses

7.1 Coursework marked by tutors is quality assured by the College’s internal Quality Assurance system. Accredited courses are further quality assured by the appropriate Awarding Body before certificates are issued. Individuals with this responsibility are known as Verifiers. An Internal College Verifier will not be the same person who will have marked your work initially.

7.2 Should there be a dispute over the grading of your assignments, the Internal Verifier’s judgement is the final College’s grade to be suggested to the Awarding Body.

7.3 On the very rare occasion, if an Awarding Body disagree with the suggested College grade and do not authorise a certificate, their decision is final. The Colleges will inform the student in writing of the Awarding Body’s decision.

7.4 Internal and External Verifiers do not directly liaise with students under any circumstances.

8. Certification and Academic References

8.1 – Level 3 College Diploma

8.1.1 Students who have successfully achieved their Level 3 College Diploma will receive a digital copy of their embossed certificate. Certificates will be issued within 8 weeks of completion of any one course.

8.1.2 Should a student for any reason fail their online examination, Oxford Learning Ltd offer a one-time opportunity of a re take. A fee will apply – refer to the subsidiary website. Should a student fail the re-take of the examination, the student will be required to re-enrol if they wish to have a further attempt, and the Course fees will be payable in full.

8.1.3 Certificates for courses are sent digitally and by registered post in the case of a purchased embossed printed copy of the certificate. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the College is provided with the correct postal address to which the certificate is to be delivered. The College does not take responsibility for a lost certificate delivered to postal address provided by the student or for returned delivery.

8.2 Accredited Course Certification

8.2.1 When a student has successfully completed their course, a certificate will be ordered from the appropriate Awarding Body.

8.2.2 The College is restricted in terms of timescales for issue of certificates, as Awarding Bodies conduct their own external quality assurance process as mentioned above.

8.2.3 The Colleges cannot take responsibility for the length of time an Awarding Body fulfil their procedures before supplying a certificate. The Colleges will do whatever is in their power to expedite the process.

9. Academic References

9.1 Academic references, predicted grades and confirmation of study will be issued within 14 days upon purchase from the website.

10. A Level Courses – Exams and Coursework

10.1 It is the student’s responsibility as a private candidate to find an examination centre.

10.2 Students on coursework component courses are responsible for getting coursework marked by their chosen examination centre within the timescales specified.

10.2.1 As in 6.1.1 Portfolio charges – please note that with regard to the cancellation of examinations, should A Level examinations and IGCSE examinations be cancelled, you may need to produce a completed portfolio of coursework which will need to be sent to your registered examination centre.

This is done on your behalf by the college and the cost of this service is £50 per portfolio, (this is £50 per subject) sent on your behalf. This is to be paid via the subsidiary website, prior to the students portfolio being sent off.

10.3 A student’s failure to present coursework to the examination centre on time is not the College’s responsibility.

10.4 A student’s failure to turn up for the examinations at their chosen examination centre is not the responsibility of the Colleges.

11. Transferring Your Course

11.1 We retain the sole discretion concerning whether a Course may be transferred from you to a third party. Any such request must be made to us in writing to contact@oxfordcollege.ac within 21 calendar days of enrolment.

11.2 If we agree to allow you to transfer to another Course, the total fees paid towards the discontinued Course will be offset against the cost of the new Course; no refund of any difference will be made. However, we will require that if the new Course is more expensive than the discontinued course, the balance should be paid in full upon transfer. There is a standard transfer fee – details are available on our website: oxfordcollege.ac.

12. Cancellations

12.1 We offer a refund on our courses in line with current government legislation (Part 3 of the Consumer Rights on Contract Regulations 2013) (the “Regulations”). The Regulations transpose various directives into Gibraltar law, including Directive 2011/83/EU, known as the Directive on Consumer Rights. The regulations state that the cancellation period ends at the end of 14 days after the day on which the contract is entered into. The completion of an enrolment process is the time the contract is entered into, ie when a student has been allocated a Campus Account and provided with access to course materials.

12.2 To request a refund, you are required to message Student Services in writing via your Campus account or by email to contact@oxfordcollege.ac. Refund requests received via telephone, live/web chat or any other means will not be accepted. Refund requests recorded on the Service Request Form will only be accepted from the student or payer of the course fees. Refunds are made into the payer’s account only.

12.3 The College will not grant requests to cancel outside of legislative period of 14 days.

12.4 For a cancelled course we charge a £50.00 standard fee. This fee applies to all cancellations without exception.

12.5 Refunds will be paid within 21 days.

12.6  After the 14 days cancellation period has expired, you are responsible to pay the full amount owing. (Subject to payments section 6).

** The above does not apply to IT courses**

For IT Courses:

12.6 Where a course is booked or held and a request to cancel is received, either via written medium, or verbally within the 14 days period, and the course ware has not been accessed, then this will be granted. In the event of a refund, following administration fee will apply to cover Oxford Learning College’s costs:

  • Course Cost Up to £5,000 Administration Fee £150 +VAT

Due to the Consumer Contracted Regulations 2013, once a course has been accessed, we cannot grant a refund. Please ensure you have the correct course before accessing it.

13. Copyright

13.1 All copyright and other intellectual property rights relating to the course materials are either owned or licensed to us. Copying, adaptation or any other use of all or any part of it without our express permission is strictly prohibited.

13.2 Copyright when forwarding messages must always be respected. If you are in doubt you are expected to check with the author.

14. Intellectual Property

14.1 All copyright, trademarks, design rights, patents, and other intellectual property rights (registered and unregistered) and all content located on the Site shall remain vested in the Colleges or its licensors. Unless specifically stated in a licence provided by a subsidiary College, you
may not copy, reproduce, republish, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer, download, post, broadcast, transmit, make available to the public or otherwise use the subsidiary College’s content in any way except for your own personal, non-commercial use.

14.2 The Site provides access via hypertext links to resources on other websites for browsing only and in so doing we are neither endorsing any linked entities nor authorising any act which may be in breach of copyright or any other third-party rights which are protected in law or by international treaties worldwide. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for any of the material contained on any third-party web page.

15. Zero Policy

15.1 You agree to use the subsidiary College’s Site and any of the College’s social media sites only in accordance with these Conditions of Use, for lawful purposes, and in a way that does not infringe the rights of, restrict or inhibit anyone else’s use and enjoyment of the Site and our social media sites.

15.2 Certain pages of the Site and social media sites permit you to post, send or upload content and information. If you do this, we will take this to mean that you have read and accepted these Conditions of Use.

15.3 You must not post, send, or upload any such content or information:

  1. unless you own or have appropriate rights to use the intellectual property rights subsisting in or relating to that content and information and unless you are sure that posting, sending, or uploading the same does not infringe the rights (including but not limited to the intellectual property rights) of any other person or organisation;
  2. which is or could be considered defamatory, offensive, distressing, derogatory, or inappropriate about the Colleges, its customers or clients or any other person or organisation;
  3. which disrupts the flow of dialogue within the Site;
  4. which impersonates another person;
  5. which contains any confidential information about the Colleges or another person or organisation (unless you have our permission or that of the other person or organisation);
  6. which contains any offensive, obscene, or criminal content or any other content which may cause embarrassment to the Colleges, its customers or clients or any other person or organisation; and
  7. which contains any personal data about another person including (this list is not exhaustive) names, contact details and sensitive personal data (for example, information about an identified or identifiable individual’s mental or physical health, racial or ethnic origin, religious or other beliefs).

15.4 We are not responsible for any content and/or information which you post, send, or upload onto the Site. We reserve the right to withdraw any such content and/or information without notice and at our sole discretion and to pursue any cause of action against you available to us under applicable laws.

15.5 All telephone calls to and from the subsidiary Colleges are recorded for training and quality assurance purposes. The rules highlighted in this policy apply to all telephone calls.

15.6 The Colleges reserves the right to expel any student not abiding by this policy with no entitlement to a refund of fees.

15.7 This Zero Tolerance Policy extends beyond the time you are studying with the Colleges. The Colleges reserve the right to take legal action against you if you are found to be demonstrating such prohibited behaviour.

16. Complaints

16.1 Complaints sent in writing to Oxford Learning Ltd’s subsidiary main email accounts will be responded to within 28 working days.

17. Other Terms

17.1 No relaxation or indulgence which we may extend to you shall affect our rights under these Terms and Conditions.

17.2 If any part of these Terms and Conditions is held to be unenforceable, the remaining Terms and Conditions shall continue in force.

17.3 All liabilities or obligations arising under these Terms and Conditions shall be enforceable against you after termination of your agreement with Oxford Learning Ltd.

17.4 We do not exclude or limit our liability (if any) to you:

  1. for any breach of obligations arising under section 14 Sale of Goods Act 1895;
  2. for personal injury or death resulting from our negligence;
  3. for any matter for which it would be illegal for us to exclude or to attempt to exclude liability; or
  4. for fraud.

17.5 You will defend, indemnify, and hold harmless us, our affiliates and our officers, directors, employees, and agents from and against any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses, or expenses, including reasonable legal costs, arising out of or in any way connected with any breach by you of these Conditions of Use.

18. Warranties & Limitation of Liability

18.1 We warrant that we will perform any services provided with reasonable skill and care.

18.2 We intend to rely on the written terms set out on this document.

18.3 Other than in respect of liability for death or personal injury arising from our negligence, we shall not be liable for: (a) losses that were not foreseeable to both parties with whom your
Agreement with the subsidiary Colleges was made; (b) losses that were not caused by any breach on our part; or (c) business losses and/or losses to non-consumers.

18.4 Our liability for direct losses arising out of our negligence (other than in respect of liability for death or personal injury), breach of contract or any other cause of action arising out of or in connection with your agreement with the Colleges shall be limited to the total price paid to date to the Colleges.

18.5 Other than in respect of liability for death or personal injury arising from our negligence, we shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage whatsoever (including without limitation any loss of profits, loss of revenue, loss of opportunity or your liabilities to or agreements with third parties) which you may suffer arising out of or in connection with your agreement with the Colleges.

You can (at any time), opt out of getting these notifications from us. If you would prefer not to get any marketing notifications or opt into getting these notifications, please contact us via the following methods:

Phone: +44(0)1865 595263

Email: GDPR@oxfordcollege.ac