Types of Level 3 Diplomas

Oxford Learning College offer two types of Level 3 Diplomas. We have the Accredited Level 3 Diplomas and the Professional Level 3 Diplomas.

The main differences between accredited and standard Level 3 Diplomas are as follows:

The Accredited Level 3 Diploma course carries 120 Academic credits which can be put towards entry requirements for higher-level studies. These are not UCAS points but are equivalent to them and recognised by many Universities and colleges. This course entails two pieces of coursework due for submission one year from start/enrolment date.

The standard Level 3 Diploma course entails a one-hour online exam and duration of one year to complete. Please note, you would have the choice to opt-in to the online exam at any point during enrolment year. The online exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions; you must correctly answer at least 27/50 for a successful pass, 32/50 for a merit, or 40/50 for a distinction.


Which Course Should You Choose?

This all depends on what you want to do with the qualification. If you are looking to improve your CV for a career change or promotion, then the Professional Level 3 Diploma is your best option to choose.

If you are looking to go to University or study the subject matter at a higher level, the Accredited Level 3 Diploma would be better suited to your needs as it is similar in nature to A Levels and is accepted by many Universities around the world.